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Argo Raft

Devil Khan

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  • Devil Khan changed the title to Argo Raft

I feel the leaked photos do a better job of showing the layout right now if your like me and can't log in to explore the ship.

If your having a tough time comparing it to the free lancer I feel there's pro's and con's to carrying cargo on the exterior.  

With the Raft you can unload faster but if your attacked by pirates the cargo may become a "loot piñata" loosing cargo with damage.  

With the Freelancer the cargo is more protected from pirates, will eventually take longer to unload, but possibly susceptible to interior fires?  

I think if I were cargo hauling I'd prefer the stronger armor of the Raft over stronger guns of the Freelancer, but I'm sure others subscribe to the mantra "The best defense is a good offence".



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10 hours ago, Devil Khan said:

At least 1 issue.

1. When the operating cargo you can't even see the third crate.


Not being able to see the crate may not be such an issue if cargo manipulation is done via remote observation. Maybe in time, an MFD will show a direct feed from a tractor beam mounted camera. One can only hope.

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Well doesn't that make the operator cabin redundant? Either way, move it back in to where it should be or remove the mfd from the center and leave it with unobstructed view of the area by increasing the size down of clear "glass" basically a standard crane operator.

You know there have been plenty of things over multiple ships that need to be fixed. However some are quite obvious. It wouldn't hurt if they hired a ship, plane, crane operator to give their opinion on what changes they would make before the ships are released. It would seem that nobody has experience at all when it comes to laying out the ships in white or grey boxing.

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