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    • By NineNives
      Hello reader,
      I'll keep this short and sweet. My name is Nives (Pronounced Knives), I'm relatively new to Star Citizen having played for a few short months several years back and just getting back into it about a week ago. I have around a thousand hours in Elite Dangerous and a few years ago I was very active in a ArmA 3 milsim group. I hope that both of these facts make me a somewhat useful newbie to you guys even though I clearly have a lot to learn.
      I live in the USA (Wisconsin) in the CST timezone but I do work 3rd shift so my activity might be a bit random day-to-day. But feel free to reach out in discord if you need an eager player to join up on any adventures in the verse!
    • By Toxicantfire
      Hello My name Is Toxicantfire looking to experience MilSim organization
      Been playing Star Citizen for nearly a year
    • By Moriyokiri
      Hello everyone,
      I have been playing for a little less than a year, collecting ships and learning the basics. Looking to join a large group to take advantage of all the (lawful) multicrew gameplay in the future. 36 years old from the USA, living in Europe, Praetorian level backer. Hoping to join and enjoy the game with everyone.
    • By Mobius Stolz
      26 Male from Wisconsin, USA!
      Initially pledged back in 2015 with the Aurora MR & Squadron 42 Bundle. Recently upgraded my Aurora to the Avenger Titan. 
      I've loved the idea and scope of this game since I first heard about it and I have excited to see it come to fruition. Now that the template system is finished, I'm hoping they'll be able to bring out new systems with relative ease once they get the pipeline down for it. 
      I had a friend that suggest I join the Imperium a while ago, but I was waiting for SC to kick up a bit more. 
      Not big into PvP, will probably be in more of a support role, but we'll see what comes!
    • By Jaxx
      Greetings, Imperium. II'm a 36 year old male from Toronto, Canada (EST) that goes by the callsign Jaxx. Ive been a backer to Star Citizen since 2017, but followed the project years prior. I currently pledge an Ares Inferno and Cutlass Black, though Ive also owned a Freelancer, 315, Aurora, ROC, Prospector, and Pieces in the past. I find that my gaming strengths tend to lean into a FPS role, but Im hoping to improve my dog fighting as time passes and hardware upgrades allow. I am hoping to join your ranks in a casual role, ramping up as events in game pick up. I look forward to joining you in the verse!
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