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The Base Radio personnel departure


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Imperium and SCB members, As I am sure many of you have noticed, the Base Radio and Imperium/SCB no longer have a shared partnership with each other. We've waited to comment on this departure as it occurred near CitizenCon and we wanted to focus on our community and CitizenCon and having a great event. Now that we've had time to process CitizenCon and we've also had some followup chats with some people who left, here is what we at Imperium and SCB have to say on this situation.

We have had a link between our organizations in one way or another since the beginning of SCB/Imperium, with many of the Base Radio’s “Staff/Commentators” coming from within Imperium itself. However, the end of this connection is not something we are terribly surprised about, as the direction of the Base Radio has long been going differently than that of Imperium and SCB. While we are saddened to see this partnership end, it has become clear over the past months that the Base Radio and SCB/Imperium have reached a point of dissolution; a fact made clear by the recent abrupt resignation by some Imperium members who also shared roles as staff for the Base Radio. We in Fleet Command and Imperium as a whole wish the members of the Base Radio the best of luck in their future endeavours and hope that they can maintain a healthy listenership/viewership as the game gets closer to completion. For those Imperium members who may have left alongside the Base Radio members, please know you were missed at our recent awesome CitizenCon watch party, and we wish you Godspeed as you find organizations that fit you better. Good luck to you all, and see you in the ‘verse!

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It has come to the attention of Imperium Fleet Command and SCB administrators that The Base Radio has decided to incorporate into their website https://thebase.sc/about/history a factually inaccurate claim detailed here.



The date being October 16, 2021 is important, as are the key claims that Imperium Command UNILATERALLY and UNEXPECTEDLY announced that the partnership was ended. Additionally, the qualifier “supposedly for reason that we think are unrelated to the Base itself” is a curious addition, and probably a bit of a projection as to the actual reasons why the Base Radio chose to unilaterally sever its ties with SCB and Imperium.

Yes, the Base Radio is the initiator of the unilateral separation. Evidence of this is shown by the sudden resignations of nearly all Base Radio “staff” that had been members of Imperium. These resignations happened up to a month before the post referenced above. Here are the records of resignations beginning in 15 September 2021 and culminating in a “mass exodus” in the first week of October, right before CitizenCon.  




At the time of their leaving, most of these individuals were either listed as “Monkey Crew” (staff) on the Base Radio discord, or they were often in the Base Radio discord voice communications or acting as contributors. As is easily seen by the dates, this exodus happened well before our announcement. There were no communications from any of these people directly to SCB / Imperium leadership explaining why they had left, with two notable exceptions being Radoorid and TheOnly, who were the only ones who gave their intent to leave. Most of the members who left Imperium also left the Imperium discord either during their exodus or sometime afterward, with no communication directly to SCB or Imperium leadership as to why they had done so.

Given the lack of communication from all except the two above mentioned members, and the fact that SCB/Imperium waited approximately two weeks before making any public statement, it should be quite clear from the timeline that the separation was not initiated on our part, but theirs.

It seems evident that the Base Radio’s statement,“…reasons, that we think are unrelated to The Base itself…” led to the separation is likely true, because those people left Imperium and severed their connection for reasons that had nothing to do with Imperium/SCB’s treatment of the Base Radio. Instead it was due to unhappiness these members felt with a decision Imperium leadership made that affected one of the persons who left Imperium (we’ll call them Person X).  This projection on the part of the Base Radio’s history page is nothing short of laughable.

Information provided to Imperium / SCB leadership from sources at the time confirmed that not only did members of the Base Radio feel strongly negative toward the leadership’s decision that affected Person X, but there was even talk that Imperium and SCB leadership should resign due to the decision and designate members of the Base Radio as the new leadership. None of the members of the Base Radio had any position in leadership or any real information as to the situation surrounding Person X except, potentially, what Person X shared with them. This is because Imperium leadership had heeded Person X’s request to not have a public notice given around their situation. We honored and continue to honor that request, despite the fact that our position seems to have led the Base Radio to falsely claim that Imperium Command is the originator of the end of the SCB / Base Radio partnership.

Given the history of the Base Radio and its origination as an Imperium Media project that grew into a semi-independent entity, largely staffed by members of Imperium, it is very unfortunate to see such a blatant lie being spread by the Base Radio.

Hopefully the information provided above will help clear up the false and disingenuous information the Base Radio has put out. For now, SCB / Imperium leadership and admins see this as a confirmation that the Base Radio’s unilateral separation from SCB / Imperium was best for all parties involved.



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