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Undisclosed ships according to the roadmap


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Here is a synthesis of all the ships on the roadmap for the 2 Vehicule Content team (EU / US): 
I do not take into consideration concept ships that will come down the road. 

We see that we have 7 undisclosed ships that will go directly in engine before being introduced. 
One of them is the Origin 400i

My bet is that it is represented by the slot 3 of EU ship team :
The reasons of this educated guess are the following : 
We can see that medium sized ships take roughly a 30 weeks  elongation, that left us with only 2 slot having a comparable duration. 
The second element is that we saw leaks early during the year, the most probable hypothesis is that the 400i was being worked on since the begining of the year. 
The only corresponding slot is the slot 3 of EU ship team.

So that leave us with 5 small slots of around 15 weeks and a slot of 26 weeks. 
The big slot of 26 weeks is intended to be ready for the November ... that means that they are aiming for the aniversary sale with a big seller, regarding star citizen leaks, I would go for the Argo RAFT that would be the refinery ship. 

The 5 small slots may be splitted between old ships refitted to gold standard and some ground vehicules. 

We can see that on those 5 small slots there are 3 (EU 2, US 1 and US 2) intended to be ready by November. 
For the European team I have absolutely no clues ... maybee the variant of the Argo mining MPUV ? 
For the US team, if we look at the parallelization of tasks we see that the sub-team on the Ares is intended to move on the Drake Corsair, and another sub-team is dedicated to the Vulture. 
So that leaves us with the sub-team that worked on the tank empty handed ... I would put a cent on 1 groudn vehicule and a variant for the slots US 1 and US 2




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We can be pretty sure that the "Small refinery ship" from the 4 concept ships makes an appearance - but I wouldn't be too hung up on it being an "Argo RAFT". After all, they did mention that it was a MISCtery ship (timestamped video below). In fact, the rough silhouette in the blur looks a lot like the middle image in the 4 column.




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