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Post-CitizenCon.... Post?


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Good day, Imperium and SCB members!

We had an amazing CitizenCon this year, with a very large turnout for the first CitizenCon since 2019. Our activities began about an hour before the event started, with people showing up and chatting about what we expect for CitizenCon. We had a major turnout of ~40 people for pretty much the entire show, chatting together, voicing thoughts and “oooohs” and “ahhhhhs” over everything from the Pyro art, to the 400i/Liberator.


Surprisingly, we didn’t have many instances of drinking too heavily…until the Tony Z presentation. My deepest apologies for the drinking rule related to Tony’s “you know…” speaking mannerism. I hope everyone survived that one!

Additionally, we had some fun giveaways with our members Lowzone, 1Triton, and Federal winning a P52, P72 LTI, and Original Backer Arbiter pack respectively. Congrats to the winners!

Finally, once we had enough folks copied to the PTU and/or interested in live-server shenanigans, we had a number of members and officers working together to get the Jumptown reward and/or experience the Wave 1 PTU together. This was a great CitizenCon comeback for our members and I'm grateful to everyone who showed up and made the day/afternoon/evening/early-fucking-morning awesome! 

See you all at the anniversary next month!

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The panel on Pyro was great. Ship talk panel was alright.

I'd have maybe liked to see a panel talking more about player characters and all the systems which surround that and perhaps the plans for the future what with us now looking at the first major pillar of Death of a Spaceman coming in 3.15. It'd have been a better presentation rather than spending an hour talking about server meshing again.

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There was indeed a great turnout on discord.. had fun watching CitizenCon with all of you guys.

I hope in the not-so-distant future we'll have enough stuff in the game (servermeshing!) where we'll be able to have more people on and able to play together.
When we finally will be able to jump into Pyro I definitely want to hop on board someone's Carrack with a group and go explore with Imperium!



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The new inventory system has a few quirks, but it's definitely heading in the right direction,

I really enjoyed the outpost play throughs... it and the surrounding area look incredible.

Wish there was a bit more server meshing progress to show. I'm really looking forward to the day when SC actually feels like an MMO, and when I can quit/crash out and come back to the same spot.

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