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[WTS] UEE Large Land Claim (8km x 8 km)


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New forum member here looking to sell my large UEE Land Claim License Estate Parcel - $600

Open to a trusted middle man service or another secure way to check out as I am not some big ship dealer with a long transaction history but rather just a long time backer looking to try the grey market out and sell off a few items starting with this land claim.  Only have one available. Thanks!

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    • By Kenny_Loggins
      We are Black Star Initiative!
      Black Star Initiative is a UEE Aligned Anti-Piracy Private Military Corporation with 60% our focus on combat related security of UEE Space and 40% towards all other non-combat roles.
      We use a structured branch to organize players more efficiently. See link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Yc7m8bP8Izeg6x2QbtwaqqpmnMk1gtY1SRPLu9kM3mY/edit#slide=id.p3
      We do require all of our members (Non-combat also) to be willing to fight on notice as we are firstly a PMC and all other non-security jobs provide the backbone of operations.
      As well, we understand your primary gameplay focus might include additional non-related gameplay, IE A Primary focus on Bounty Hunting and a Secondary Focus on Agriculture.
      Our Hot List of combat and non-combat roles in-need: Fleet Bomber Crew/Bomber Pilots, Medics, Weapons Operators(Turrets/Torps), Boarding Ship Pilots.
      If any of the above fits planned play-style please note when responding. We are however also non-specific currently.
      Interested to know more? 
      Join us on our Discord:  https://discord.gg/0Vq6b9nrXiNhOlPn
      More Info: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/50177/thread/tbsi-black-star-initiative
      Official RSI Org Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/TBSI
    • By Mithix

      Find our corporation homepage here!

      What is Galactic Astrometrics?

      GANJ is a casual corporation dedicated to offering opportunities for work and career expansion in Exploration, Scouting, and Fringe-service activities. We rely on the members of this Corporation to improve and upkeep the library of active fringe jump networks. 
      Outside of basic exploration, we encourage our enlisted members to perform services on paid mission basis', which include Research and Rescue, Medical assistance, Refueling and Scouting/Patrol of allied trade routes. Our main source of income is providing these services for clients and allied organizations.
      We are a proud member of Cognition Corporation, a network of hundreds of organizations.
      For our main members, we will provide *paid* (UEE) missions based on contracts taken from allied organizations.
      Since this is a casual corporation we do not require the general populace to remain active, nor do we require main membership status to join.

      We do expect great maturity from our members, and no racism, sexism or discrimination of any kind will be tolerated. 

      A hierarchical voting system

      Each of our ranks are given different amounts of votes; Voting sessions will take place at the beginning of the month following the announcement of prospective legislation. When voting, different ranks will have different voting powers:

      Admirals - 6 votes
      Captains - 6 votes
      Commanders - 5 votes
      Lieutenants - 4 votes
      Ensigns - 2 votes
      Crewmen - 1 vote
      If the member is an officer of any kind, they shall be assigned an additional 2 votes. (Not to be stacked)
      Ranks and Roles:

      Fleet Admiral (1)
      A single 'Fleet Admiral' will maintain the corporation by creating legislation to vote on, but cannot take place in voting sessions.
      Fleet Admirals to not have a specified maximum amount of time to act in office, but may be removed from their post if a vote calls for such an action.
      Admiral (5+)
      An 'Admiral' takes place in a preliminary voting session before other members. (Able to veto proposals with 75% veto votes)
      Admirals are voted on by everyone with equal voting power [1 vote for each spot] every 2 months. 
      Requirement for an Admiral position is being at or above the rank of Lieutenant.
      The number of Admirals is not to exceed 5% of the corporations population, or a fall short of 5. (Not including the fleet admiral)
      Admirals also organize missions and dispatch Captains or Commanders. Funding for official missions is provided by the corporation.
      Typically lead parties of ships on sensitive missions. 
      If a Captain wishes to take corporation members to complete an unofficial or private mission, a Captain must fund 50% of the mission expense. 
      Captains may promote or demote members based on certain guidelines.
      A group of 10 Captains may submit legislation, which cannot be vetoed by Admirals, directly to the voting polls.
      Commanders typically accompany Captains on missions, or may be assigned a leader role on a mission if they are deemed sufficiently trained.
      Commanders may propose promotions/demotions, as well as submit formal mission proposals.
      Lieutenants are granted two additional votes on general polls, relative to Ensigns.
      First rank capable of being promoted to Admiral by voting.
      At this rank, the member must agree to perform direct orders made by Captains and Admirals while partaking in missions. 
      Insubordination will be penalized according to guidelines.
      A standard member, has no special duties or abilities. Typically it is a crewman's job to make themselves appear fit for more intense duty (promotion).


      Currently there are several methods of increasing your likelihood of rank growth, including but not limited to:

      * Keeping Galactic Astrometrics and Nexus of Jump-points' affiliation as your main organization.

      * Scoring in the top 10% in any Arena Commander leaderboard.

      * Removing GANJ as a redacted/hidden affiliation

      * Joining in on org flight days.

      * Completing the membership survey.
      The membership survey can be found here.

      * Introducing yourself on the GANJ corporation forum thread.
      Our forum thread can be accessed here.

      * Maintaining activity on the forums/Discord server
      Our Discord server can be accessed here.

      * Adding the corporation banner to your forum signature
      The banner can be found here.
      A guide on how to change your forum signature is here.
      Official Missions/Contracts:

      Admirals will negotiate, approve or deny contract requests submitted by organizations or individuals. These missions will be carried out by members of the corporation, however missions cannot be ordered, a member always has a choice to perform the mission or not. Whenever members from the corporation are hired for a mission they will always be paid, but must always adhere to the chain of command while on the mission.
    • By Chimaera
      Well, now this is interesting. An in-lore poll of Citizens asking about a variety of topics. Please vote Here
      If you're unsure about the political parties, check below.
    • By JudasM
      Star Citizen RSI F7C-R Hornet Tracker with LTI and Alpha Access
      YOU WILL GET: F7C-R Hornet Tracker Starting Hangar: Business Starting Money: 5,000 UEC Lifetime Insurance Digital Game Soundtrack Digital Star Map Digital Squadron 42 Manual Beta Access Alpha Access Squadron 42 Digital Download Star Citizen Digital Download Digital Star Citizen Manual  
      270 USD$
      I accept Verified PayPal
      Already sold here :
      Freelancer MIS upgrade for 65$USD 0 left
      UEE Environment Coat - 20$USD 0 left

      Take a look at my feedbacks records

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