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I'll Be Seeing you...


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In the light of some recent events --in the Fleet and in my own life I had to take a hard assessment of what I am devoting my time and energy to. It is with great sadness that I have come to the conclusion that it is no longer possible for me to maintain my membership in IMP. So I have decided to leave the fleet. I am however requesting SCB privileges. 
It is difficult to cut ties to an 8-year relationship that I’ve put countless hours in, but I do with the hope that in parting ways it would bring about new and positive opportunities that will cause me to grow as a gamer and a better person in general. 
I depart ways harboring no ill will toward the rank and file….the hours and years of conversing and laughing and playing games with dozens of you I will remember and carry with me. For that I am thankful. I will ask that you continue to build what you all started--years ago now and that you hold yourselves and leadership accountable for what is IMP.
 Be good to yourselves and to each other. Remember the sun will never set...as long as the relationships you have with each other hold true and can withstand the march of time.
I bid you all a fond and a gracious farewell, and I will truly see you...in the ‘verse! 



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Hey radoorid,

I remember you from my very early years here 😛 (you're one of my very very few followers^^), I've been much silence since, but I wish you the best :) I myself have moved away from the fleet last year, but Imp still has some special place in my heart, so still lurking here ;)

Fly safe !


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Good luck out there man!

I hope you find what you are looking for because we all deserve a life of happiness free from the things that make that difficult.

See you out there :)

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