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Game Crashing


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Would anyone know why my game keeps crashing right after I get into the universe? My computer is more than capable to run this game but I am not sure as to why it keeps crashing right after loading in. If anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it. 

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Step one is to delete your User folder to get rid of any trash left over from a previous patch (as per CIG).

Myself, I only had that happening a lot when I was running many other programs in the back ground.

If you watch your memory you will see if this is your issue as well.

The game wants a clean 8g and if it is hunting for scraps it tends to boggle.

I have 16g and one solution is to double my memory, but just closing the other stuff works for now. - DRUM out


edit: Remembered this also occurred when I had that bed log out bug. That happened when I bed logged and the game refused to fully load. One fix mentioned was a reset on account page but that resets way too much in my opinion, so I just kept retrying and it finally pushed into the game. - DRUM

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