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    • By kingsgate
      Dark Breed - GMT time zone
      Our activities:
      Weekly operations
      Murder hobo rampages
      Confiscating of goods that do not belong to us
      PvP ambushes
      PvE aUEC farming
      Trade runs
      Messing about in the ‘verse
      Sodium farming
      Spending time in space jail
      Our rules:
      There are no ranks within the DBO any member can take the lead of an operation
      No politics
      No religion
      Your responsibilities
      Knowing when to chew the fat on voice, and when not too
      Following orders when on an operation
      Being firm in your orders when leading an operation
      Understanding basic ship combat – we will train you if needed
      Understanding basic FPS combat – we will train you if needed

    • By Ens.AlexWashington
      Org: 4th Echelon Expeditionary Fleet
      Specialization: Combat
      Commitment: Regular
      Role Play: Yes
      Main Language: English
      Regions: ANY
      Discord: https://discord.gg/nCCtJbS9u6
      Org Page Link: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/4ECHELON/
      About Us: Space is a masterful equalizer. It reaches unfathomable speeds and has boundless distances. It cannot be overtaken by the strongest might, the sharpest knife, or the fastest bullet. In 4th Echelon, stars and galaxies empower who we are. That incredible force is the lifeblood of the greatest fleet ever to voyage space, slip through it, or trek its planets. It shapes individuals from every corner of the Empire into Corpsmen with the gallantry to uphold liberty back home. Bonding us with the commitment to serve with valor. The outer reaches of space propels every one of our men and women to irrefutable victory. We are the Navy's 4th Echelon Expeditionary Fleet. And we are all Forged by Space. Enlist Today. Victory Tomorrow. 
      While we are open to members of all ages, we strive to have a professional and mature environment for our troops to come and relax which is why we aim for members aged 17+ 
      Our discord is open to all, regardless of membership status. Come and check out our events, keep tabs on the Star Citizen news, get game help, and chat with our members, and affiliates!
    • By Lucius Siccius
      Specialization: Trading/Transport/Exploration/Security
      Commitment: Regular
      Role Play: We have a space for role players yes!
      Main Language: English
      Region/Timezone: Global
      Operation Times: Variable
      We are a group of seasoned Star Citizen players that have been in the game for some time now, and wanted to create something special for our members to grow as a part of., learn and enjoy the game. Our experience with other orgs has helped us a lot to create the backbone of what we are sure will be a very dedicated group of people that will impact the game in a positive way.
      We know that real life responsibilities come first and that is a priority for us all, so we have a relaxed mentality that combines with the incredible dedication of our leadership team. Long story short: We are here for you! We have game knowledge, resources, and even cool sponsorships with big names in Star Citizen like GameGlass & Surfshark, with great discounts for our members, friends & allies. 
      We would love to have you! Visit our RSI profile today.
      GameGlass discount code: GGSOLIS
      Surfshark Discount link: https://surfshark.deals/MORTEMSOLIS
      Communications Server: https://www.guilded.gg/r/zz7EAgk3XR?i=o4P16yad
      RSI Page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/MORTEM

    • By The_Pappy_Boyington
      Hello we are Apheliun an Organization dedicated to build the best Organization in the verse while creating a fun and friendly environment for everyone that joins. We plan on being a stand alone Organization that is self sustained by all gameplay loops except Piracy. We are very Organized and have a plan to run an Org with 1,000 people in it. There are opportunities to advance in the Org or you could simply chill and enjoy the game. We are very determined to achieve a great community that isn't run by a youtuber or leader who doesn't care about you everyone matters here. Join our discord to enroll.
      Discord: https://discord.gg/52EG6Tkq
      RSI Website: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/APHELIUN

    • By T.Riddick
      My Fellow Citizen!
      I am Thomas Riddick, a member of the Goon Squadron. Thank you for clicking in and welcome.  On behalf of our founders, I would like to extend
      to you, an invitation to join our illustrious band of Goons.  For your viewing pleasure I have embedded a recruitment message from one of our
      founders, Mister GypsyRonin.
      Should you be inspired to cultivate the Art of Baddassery within your game play, follow this link to our site... https://www.goonsquadron.com/ 
      Once there, you can review more info, and make your way over to our Guilded channel where we can answer questions and get to know each other.
      We look forward to flying with you.  Until then, Fly Safe and Savvy My Friend!  
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