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closed by staff Searching for an Idris-M (preferably giftable/without account)


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Oof, good luck with that buddy! 😟

You're probably going to need all the luck in the world to get one of those. I believe that last time I saw one being offered was several years ago for $3000 or something I believe.

You might be able to get one through that StarCitizenTrades subreddit perhaps but they will likely be extremely expensive.

Here's one at Star Hangar for $4500

Best of luck to you. Personally I think you might be better off trying to get a Javelin from CIG as CIG sometimes makes those available in their pledge store; usually a few during the Anniversary in November and maybe Fleetweek (although I'm not sure about that one)? The Javelin is still sold in very limited numbers at times for $3000 or something and can apparently wipe the floor with several Idris frigates simultaneously. :D

Heck, you might even be able to convince Customer Support to sell you a Javelin if you ask real nicely.

But yeah, the Idris-M is kinda a unicorn in Star Citizen; together with those 300 Vanduul Scythes.

The only other option at getting an Idris-M is by getting tons of people using your referral code as apparently CIG will give you one for free by getting 2017 referral points. :)

EDIT: Oh, my bad. You don't get an Idris-M with 2017 referrals but a Javelin. Sorry about that.

EDIT2: Not sure how much you've spent on Star Citizen so far but there is a pack out there that includes the Idris-M. It's the Praetorian Pack (but that pack is $15.000). There's also the Dominus Pack at $6400 but that one only contains an Idris-P. However, I think that pack also comes with a token allowing you to buy the Idris-K Upgrade Kit for $250-$300 or something. As I recall that kit comes with a S10 beamlaser, a missile turret and 4 automatic point defense turrets.



Ah well, sorry I couldn't be of much help here. Hope you will get what you're looking for someday! ;)


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11 hours ago, Danakar Endeel said:

Hey, thanks for your advice, yea those idris M's are pretty much fairytales at this point, but i really want one lol.^^

I dont want to buy a javelin, as its pretty much Impossible to crew without a big organisation, the idris on the other hand has good chances to be crewable with a handfull of friends and a couple of AI for maintanance tasks.

I already have an Idris K, though i would live to have the M variant, thats why im selling my account atm to get the money to buy an Idris M at some point.

Thanks for your input though, at this point in development either step could be the right way to go, and buying capital ships is a bit like gambling, as you dont really know yet on how theyll have to be played to be effective without chewing through your wallet like its butter. :)


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8 hours ago, Brosion said:


Ah I see. Well, in that case I hope you will be able to find one at a reasonable price. I linked the one I was able to find in my previous post but $4500 is a pretty massive chunk of cash for a frigate that was originally sold for $1000. Still, I figured I'd add it to my post just in case you had not seen it yet. ;)

Best of luck in your quest at obtaining an Idris-M. :)

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48 minutes ago, vahadar said:

@BrosionJust FYI, Idris P (K) would be upgradable to Idris M ingame :


Thanks for the information! Is it clear already if the LTI insurance on the idris P will cover the idris M loadout once its been "upgraded"? Or does it fall back to an idris P again if we dont insure the Idris-M on top of the idris P?

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2 minutes ago, Brosion said:

Thanks for the information! Is it clear already if the LTI insurance on the idris P will cover the idris M loadout once its been "upgraded"? Or does it fall back to an idris P again if we dont insure the Idris-M on top of the idris P?

This is the unknown part yet ;) Put that post from Zyloth in the "maybe" features, as it is not 100% guaranteed we will have it. But this is a chance to convert your P to a M, "maybe" someday.

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