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I never left Imperium, was just inactive a bit.

Star Citizen was in a REALLY rough place in 2016, and after doing a little arena commander I did not want to burn myself out.

Game is in much better place now, with a bit of stuff to play with :). Plus miss some of the old hats I used to play with.



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    • By K'hanesh Lor'al
      Hey all. Long time no talk to everyone! Came back after about 2 years of being gone because not a lot was happening over at CIG. Was thinking about it the other day, and dusted off my RSI and SCB credentials to poke around a bit. Holy crap! The new SCB is amazing! I love what people have been doing with the Portal!
      So question... is the Explo division doing anything much in-game yet? I know the PU is still a ways away, but I am curious to see if any of the theorycrafting I laid out in the original NOMADs whitepaper holds true. Speaking of... any other player-created docs about exploring pop up? I'd love to read them.
      Also, is there any meetings on TS or something for Explo guys that I should be aware of coming up?
      Feels good to post here again, lol. Cheers all, look forward to talking with everyone!
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