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Hi, I played Wing Commander 1 to 4 + Prophecy (all secret missions, special operations and secret operations), a little in Privateer, a lot in Freelancer, Freespace 1 & 2 and Starlancer when these games were released (yes, I'm an old man ). Since then, I've managed to get a "fix" in my space simulator by replaying these classics and a lot of community-generated content. When I heard that CR was back with a new project, I was very excited. I ended up buying quite a few ships (Aurora, Hornet, Cutlass, Origin M50, Constellation, Vanduul fighter, Retaliator and Idris Corvette). I need to work to earn my living, so I don't have as much free time as I would like. The wife and kids also get priority in whatever free time I have.

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    • By PyroThing
      Hi there, PyroThing's the name new to the site not to Star Citizen. Just made my first purchase on here went smooth as. Currently running a Gemini with a upgrade to Carrack yet to be activated. Been waiting on the Carrack for years. Started as a Mustang then Aurora, Cutlass Black to Andromeda, to Aquila, now Gemini and soon Carrack in Feb.
      Playing in the AUS region hope to see you all ingame.
    • By [IMP] Strydyr
      Hi my name is Tom (Strydyr) and I've been lurking the PU for a few years, but recently pledged Dominus and am most excited about Carrack, C2, Polaris, and Idris (in what seems like the most likely order in which we'll actually receive them).   If you see me on, hit me up.   I love to help and love to fight bad guys (pirates, pad rammers, trolls).
      Wanna Fly!!!

    • By Lord_Of_The_Potatoe
      Hi, my name is Lord_Of_The_Pot and I would love to join your organisation!
      My fleet is neither large or mighty but it works for me. It consists of:
      1 Drake Cutlass Black
      It may not be much but there is definitely something I can offer to the organisation
      Hope to see you all in the verse.
    • By 212Apollo
      Hey what's up I'm so excited to finally get my hands on star citizen I've been following it loosely for years and now i finally have hardware to run it.I am majoring in astronautics so if you wanna talk about engineering i can go on for hours! 
    • By Nikopol
      Hi, I'm Nikopol, and i'm a Star Citizen Addict. 😋
      This is my doggo, but he is bigger now.

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