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ED: Odyssey refugees and SC player base increase

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I'm seeing A LOT of videos and posts from/about ED players flocking to SC due to the awful state of Odyssey. I'm really enjoying watching new player's journey in the verse.

I'm just curious, How do you feel about this? Has SC seen an adoption rate like this before? What do you think CIG will do with this increase of players and PR? Do you think this is overall positive or worry about it being negative due to the state of the game currently. Do you worry about the lack of "competition" regarding space sims?

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Honestly, I don't mind elite players coming at all. In fact been enjoying Kate's videos from a new player perspective.

I just hope they come in realising that a) it's an alpha still (bugs to be expected), and b) it's not elite, so don't try to make it become elite.

More the merrier otherwise.

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44 minutes ago, danredda said:

Honestly, I don't mind elite players coming at all. In fact been enjoying Kate's videos from a new player perspective.

I just hope they come in realising that a) it's an alpha still (bugs to be expected), and b) it's not elite, so don't try to make it become elite.

More the merrier otherwise.

I've really been liking her videos as well. 

It leaves me worried though. ED players are new to SC and they're bringing a lot of positive reception to the game. I worry that over time, due to the speed of development, it'll bring even more negative reception. 

I watched a few ED streamers stream SC and maaaaaan some of the people were kinda getting on my nerves. People saying SC flight model wasn't as good as ED and it sucked there were only 60+ systems planned in SC compared to EDs billions. Trying to explain to them that fewer systems means more depth to each planet/system. I don't see the value in going to procedurally generated planet #23456789734 just to land at a barren wasteland of nothing and then leave.

Nitpicky but they still call themselves CMDRs in SC...

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    • By Comet
      As ED has improved a lot over the years. adding planet landing, multi-crew, the galactic powers conflicts and most recently, the alien threat known has the Thargoids, I finally decided to "return" and see how things were shaping up. 
      As a sandbox style space sim, ED shares a lot of ideas with SC.
      But ED simply doesn't have the budget to do something on the scale of SC. 

      Still, playing it can show us a glimpse of what we can expect in SC, once all the features are united into a cohesive game. 

      For instance, similar to what we'll be able to do in Star Citizen, in ED you can join other players in wings or multi-crew. 
      You can land on planets, visit landmarks and collect resources. 
      You can join the fight for control of the galaxy, joining factions that tailor to your in game ideals. 
      You can be a pirate, a bounty hunter, smuggler and so on. 

      Playing ED has given me greater confidence regarding SC development direction.
      For instance, multi-crew in ED is .... FREAKING AWESOME. Nothing can describe how cool it is to board a fighter in a multi-crew ship and launch. 
      Landing on planets really adds a layer to ED that makes the universe a lot more interesting to explore.
      Lately, I've been doing some smuggling missions and the pressure you feel when trying to dock in a station without being scanned is just so much fun.
      Here is an example of a gameplay dynamic that might play out similarly to some extent in SC.
      Usually one of the first recommendations players give you is  : "Do not fly a ship if you don't have enough money to pay the insurance company if you get destroyed." 
      You learn pretty early in ED how unforgiving it is to loose all your assets.
      I went bankrupt a couple of times and it was frustrating as hell. But it was all my fault. 
      And SC plans to offer a more in depth but similar mechanic making the player really care and worry about their ships, their loadouts and security.

      Anyway, as we all know a feature may look good on paper but suck in game. 
      What I´m finding out while playing ED is that they have sort of dumped down versions of new mechanics that will be available in SC.
      Things like insurance, multi-crew. A lot of ship management options. A lot of customization options  and so on.
      And if ED is any indication, is that its these attention to detail that make a game great.

      On top of this, SC offers a full universe you can actually walk on. Full player interaction. FPS, immersive story. 
      And come on!!! A planet sized City? How awesome is that!?
      It is mind-blowing.
      To finalize this post : 
      Sure, SC is taking a long time to develop. But it´s so much more ambitious then anything out there.
      There is a major difference between SC and ED. 
      SC has mass market appeal due to its jaw dropping graphics, story telling and yes...FPS.
      If CIG delivers the game with the features they have shown throughout these years, I have no doubts that SC will become the best selling PC game of all times. SC has the potential to become the GTA of space sims.
      Nicole D'Angelo did a pretty nice video about Elite Dangerous that goes a bit in depth into what is great in ED from a Star Citizen perspective. 
      It's worth it : 
    • By GeraldEvans
      Its really cool to see this came continually added to.  I'm waiting for the ability to walk around first person, but so far it's a fantastic VR implementation and you can actually play with friends.

      The game does heavily favor space trucking however.  You can land on planets and drive about and you can definitely get into faction wars or go bounty hunting, but min/maxing cargo runs is where the money is.
    • By Beat The Best
      I have an Account for sale. this is what it contains
      Images at request
      400+ game time(Hours)

      Cash: 434'000'000(434 mil)
      Assets: 1'245'000'000(1.245 bil)
      Combat: Elite
      Trader: Tycoon
      Explorer: Surveyor
      CQC: Semi Pro(LVL 29)

      Empire rank: Duke
      Federation rank: Midshipman

      Acces to Founders world(so discount on ships and modules)

      Following ships:
      Imperial Clipper
      Fer de Lance
      Asp Explorer
      Cobra MK 3
      Viper MK3
      Imperial Courier
      Imperial Eagle

      Comes with skins for Vulture(few packs), ASP(Few Packs), Annaconda(gold)

      i havent played when Engineers released so till that point most is unlocked except for the federlance Corvette.
      I changed the attached email adres to a new one, so with the game comes the email adres, so u can transfer the full account to where ever you like.
        for €500,- its a direct sell  


    • By Jon Strife
      So I have a lifetime expansion pass that i bought back in august 2015. It was offered (130£) for the last time and for a very short period of time.
      I've just changed the email address with a new one especially created for the purpose.
      You will be able to download the game and launcher from the frontier store with the account information
      Steam keys for Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous:Horizon have already been claimed and used on my steam account, but they worth nothing without the Frontier account, as stated on the frontier website on the "Partner keys" page
      But really you get no benefits from having the games on steam (If i knew i wouldn't have used them), you still have to go through the ED launcher, and login to play. So if you want the games on steam, you could just "add a non steam game", it will be exactly the same.
      I will ask for Steam to delete the keys from my account anyway, I don't know if it will make them reusable though.

      Since I don't have a reputation here, I invite you to send me a message on ebay if you want to check on me, I have a good rep there. I will answer you to let you know it is me from starcitizenbase.com. My display name on ebay is stardustrevolution (http://www.ebay.com/usr/stardustrevolution).
      I have paid 200$(130£ @ 1£=1.56$ on 08/15/2015) for it, so i'd be happy if I could get something like 180$ 150$. I only own a Cobra MK III fully equiped that worth about 1 million credits,  and 278 000 credits in cash.
      I have a verified paypal account.
      You will of course be able to create a new player if you want to start a new game.
    • By Eric1084
      Edit: CLOSED. Lack Of Interests.
      Selling an Elite Dangerous Account. It comes with an ASP Explorer along with some extra credits. Selling for AT COST $150 US. So you will be starting with a bump in progress. Keep in mind that this is the Premium Beta Version(With All Future Expansions). 
      All details will be changed to yours(Email, street, phone, etc.), and you will receive an invoice with details, and a written note saying the account will never be reclaimed by me will be signed, and faxed(Or Email) to you.
      If you want to change the Commander name, you would have to clear save. But after the transaction, just tell me you would like to change the commander name, and I will give you detailed instruction on how to do that without losing everything( over Skype/Your preferred chatting service.)
      Just a little background: I am selling this account, because I feels like this game is just not for me. I played a while, but the game is quite taxing on my computer, and I don't really want to shell out another couple hundreds just to run this game faster. I am a student, and some other things just takes priority over games. I don't normally trade here, I normally trades in the Reddit Star Citizen Trades Forum(Reddit Username: Eric1084). 
      What is included:
      • A digital download Elite: Dangerous(Also Steam Key)
      • A digital download Elite: Dangerous: Horizon(Also Steam Key)
      • Lifetime Expansion Pass - Includes All Future Expansions
      • Your very own Eagle fighter ship docked in a secondary location in-game
      • Exclusive pack of ship paint jobs 
      • A ‘day one’ ship decal
      • A digital players guide
      • A digital concept art book
      • Extras - Ringtones & Message Alerts
      • Extras - Screensavers 
      • Extras - Theme Soundset 
      • Extras - Wallpapers
      i am looking for a minimum of the $150 original price + Paypal Fees
      I bought it for $150, and since the lifetime expansion is selling for $200, I figured I will just sell it at the price I got it for.
      purchases through paypal please. If you would prefer a middleman, that would work too, but you will cover any fees associated with that.

      I (seller) promise to abandon my account, agreeing to never attempt to recover said account via Frontier or any other means. As per Frontier's EULA all accounts remain the original account owner and Frontier’s sole property.
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