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For those transferring store credits from 1 acnt to another, PTV is no longer sold, the ES is now the cheapest ship to buy with cash, upgrade, and gift to an alternate acnt


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I just noticed that the PTV is no longer available for sale. the cheapest ship available is now the ES. So If you are planning to buy other RSI accounts and transfer its credits to your acnt, you will now have to buy the ES (20USD) instead of just 15 USD PTV, to upgrade with credits and gift to your account.

Kinda sneaky CIG

We can't even buy CCUs from PTV anymore as well.

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    • By alka
      Hi all, I am selling my own account I have created in 2015
      The account includes these ships.
      Aegis Vulcan - 120 Month
      Hull C - 120 Month
      Hull E - 120 Month
      Hercules C2 - 120 Month
      Eclipse - 120 Month
      Mercury Star Runner - LTI
      Cutlass Black - LTI
      Anvil Hawk - LTI
      Drake Dragonfly black - LTI
      Tumbril Ranger CV - LTI
      Banu Merchantman - 120 Month
      Caterpillar 2949 BIS - LTI
      + Paints, armors etc..
      Imperator - 1 Year Access Pass
      Asking Price $2400
    • By oscily
      Stupid question, but my roommate and I both want to play SC on his pc; if we want separate accounts, we'd both have to buy starter packages, that much I can tell. But we would be able to log in back and forth, right? Or is SC the kind of game that only allows one account on a pc? Just making sure that it's not like that.
    • By Sky-Citizen

      Selling Account with the following:
      Aegis Polaris - LTI
      Avenger Stalker - 6 Month Insurance
      Aegis Saber Raven - 2 Month Insurance
      Origin - 315P Explorer
      Aeroview Hanger
      Self Land Hanger
      Game Packages
      Squadron 42 Digital Download
      Star Citizen Digital Download

      200 Million Commemorative Coin
      Drake Caterpillar Statue
      Other Items
      Starting Money: 5,000 UEC
      Digital Star Citizen Manual
      Star Citizen Digital Download
      Digital Game Soundtrack
      Digital Star Map
      Legacy Alpha
      Squadron 42 Digital Download
      Star Citizen Digital Download
      1x Handle Change
      $800 - Upgrade value is c$1,100 d melt value is c$700
      To note Saber Raven, Polaris, and combined Star Citizen & Squadron 42 game packages are no longer available for sale from RSI.
      Terms & Conditions
      Please leave a comment before PMing!
      Once funds have been received the account will be transferred over completely to the new owner.
      No refunds are available.
      All prices include PayPal fees.
      Account has 1x handle change available.
      Account has 1x opportunity to buy back pledges of:
      Middleman Available - Buyer pays fees
      Also found listed here: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/selling-account-polaris-lti-raven-avenger-315p-lti.1805176/#post-7264480

    • By Killculator
      I want to sell my account containing $166 credits for $60 USD.
      I don't have the time to play anymore and I need the money for college.
      If you have questions and/or want to discuss the payment and such, please contact me on Discord by adding me;

    • By zuggar
      I'm looking to sell my account, spent $2532 on it.
      Melt value of the ships and the Store credit = $2206
      PRICE I’m looking for is $2000
      There is a few buyback ships from last years IAE
      There is also lots of subscriber Items in the Hanger and Buyback

      Ship List
      Anvil Carrack Expedition with C8X Pisces (RSI Ursa Rover Included)- LTI Origin 600i Touring ( Name Reservation) - LTI Crusader Ares Inferno - LTI Drake Cutlass Black BIS - LTI Aegis Reclaimer BIS - LTI MISC Prospector - 6 Months Banu Merchantman - 10 Years Crusader Mercury Star Runner - LTI Anvil Arrow - 10 Years Origin G12r - LTI Buyback Ships
      Drake Cutlass Red - IAE Aegis Sabre Comet - IAE Drake Dragonfly Yellowjacket - IAE  
      Account Contents
      Store Credit - $91 UEC - 35,000 REC - 280,000 All Dates and Ship names have been removed to protect the account
      I will only Accept Verified PAYPAL
      PM if interested

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