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Enter - the Medic.


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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been hunting the new PTU for medic serums and a multi-tool attachment, but just finding the usual so far.

The Orison hospital looks like the place to be and you can see the goodies.

Just no interaction (sigh). - DRUM out

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  • 2 months later...

3.15 brought the goodies and there was more nuance than I expected.

A Multi-tool attachment (which I like because I can carry that and customize between tractor beam or medicine).

And a stand alone applicator Medical Device called a ParaMed.

The nuance comes with dosages for pain, concussions, paralyzed, respiratory problems, and even overdose.

Initial problems with self administrating, but they were resolved. You get dropped, you then have the option (M key) to make a job offer to come and sort you out. The hope is they will come and fix you up instead of you paying them to come kill you and loot your corpse (now available with the new inventory patch). Pesky details...

Here are some descriptions.  - DRUM out

(edit: got the two devices tagged backwards - sorry.)








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      Something I've been interested in is establishing a frontier bar nearby the border of UEE/Vanduul space, giving players an area to interact with other players and NPCs, find missions and crew for raids into hostile territory. I would see myself as more of a CEO, spending my time coordinating supplies, courting mercenaries and other such administrative work. I like the idea of Vanduul NPCs gradually targeting my establishment with greater frequency as it becomes a more successful rally point. I dream of having it get to be so powerful and lucrative that I need to invest in more defenses or expansion, such as Nova Tonks and air defense towers. 
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      Lately I've been digging around at what ships have been designed for, and what players plan on doing with those ships. It has also been brought up that CIG has been re-working ships based on these modular ideas of both the player and what the ship can do or be.
      "As for the lessons learned, the feedback, we learned that you guys are very interest in having modular ships - that was something that was a big take-away from that. You're very interested in being able to swap out the internal components of ships, so rather than just exterior components, being able to say, "hey I want these crew quarters to be 'this' now," so that's something we've been exploring and hopefully we'll have more information on soon."
      "So, if you have an Aegis ship which is supposed to be a mining vessel - well, the Reclaimer is actually not a mining vessel. But, as an example let's assume there was an Aegis ship that was a mining vessel. We would start off with mining equipment as references, and then we'd go ahead and apply the Aegis aesthetic on top of that. So we'd have smooth curves. We'd have like… space shuttling panelling, since that's part of the look for them, and we'd probably have the intakes on the top since that's like an Aegis thing. So, we have style guides which define some of the elements that these ships need to have and that's kind of how we arrive at the look. And we'll do variations of that and pick the coolest one."
      $65 million strech goal:
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      Who are you going to be in Star Citizen? What will you do? your profession, job, your purpose???
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