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US Tests Its New Sixth-generation Magic Fighter With Air Superiority


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    • By VoA
      Likely - Balance Chart for Fighter Ships
      See chart below to see how some of the Fighter Ships will LIKELY stack up against the other fighters. Each category is on a 1-10 scale (with 1 being low and 10 being high) .....except for the shields (which are as listed on the stats page - which we know are old)
      Updated 5/31/16

      NOTE - This is a "player" theory-crafted balance chart on a scale that is relative from one fighter to the other but based on data / ship stats that we have from CIG (and yes we know that the stats are old and subject to change, etc.... Some of the categories are guesstimates based on what CIG says they intend for the ship - based on concept sale descriptions or interviews / RTV / ATV / etc.... (again the chart only indicates one ship relative to the other)

      Please add your comments / ideas / quotes / etc.... but no trolling / flaming / etc.... I'll post updates to the chart on occasion as we learn more through new CIG reveals or if there is an obvious error (everyone is human). Please keep it Civil and understand that players and CIG don't want "I-WIN" / "OP" ships. All Ships must have their strengths and weaknesses as well 
    • By Masokas
      Some gorgeous shots of the USAF 493rd Fighter Squadron, their planes, and squadron paraphernalia...
      Pictures like these make me really look forward to SQ42! And maybe even strap into a fighter and get up-close-and-personal for Imperium in the PU ;-)...
      493rd "Grim Reapers".
    • By Flarebrass
      Hello Everyone,
      So I was brainstorming a bit today and was thinking about the intended role of some of the ships. For all intent and purposes, lets use the Gladius in this example as it will outlay a good base for this discussion. 
      The Gladius is labelled as a "Short Range Patrol Fighter", which means that it is great for dogfighting light-to-medium fighters in both offensive and defensive situations, but has minimal distance allowance as it is meant to be supported by a starbase or carrier of sorts. With this said, I am curious if there will be any type of implementation of machinery to allow something like the Gladius to venture farther than its original intended range.
      It is known that the Gladius has 3 variants, one of which is a stealth/recon variant. If it wanted to do some recon outside of its normal operating range, it would either have to be very close to where it is stationed (which imho, is a waste as for the most part, you will know whats going on in your home star system), or be deployed from a Carrier in deep space to complete such a mission. But what if there was a 3rd option?
      This is where the idea comes into play. We all remember Star Wars Episode II (some of which wish to forget). We all remember the scene where Obi-Wan attached his starfighter to a Hyperdrive Docking Ring for a long distance, out of system jump to a investigate his said mission. This ring allowed him to go much further than the original intended distance of his starfighter, without the support of a base or carrier. Here is a link to what I am talking about: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Hyperdrive_docking_ring
      This ring would allow for small ships to jump further overall due to it having its own hyperdrive and additional fuel. As exampled above, this would be a great idea for stealth recon ships, as they could go on their own, get in to gather their information and then get out safely all while being small and therefore less likely to be spotted by any enemy forces that may be in the area (as compared to right now having to send something like an Idris in to deploy the Gladius thus being much more likely to be spotted).
      There would obviously be pros and cons to this, which I will list below (there may be more than this, but these stand out very clearly and are great starting points):
      - Smaller ships can jump further for said assigned mission
      - Ability to conserve fuel for their mission rather than using it to attempt to jump there on their own
      - No parent vessel to rely on. Less chance of being spotted by enemy forces
      - More versatility for newer players that do not have access to the larger, longer distance-capable ships
      - Can be stored in a friendly space port with all the other larger ships or within planet distance (see SW:E2 reference; watch the scene!)
      - When attached to the ring, combat is not a viable option. Your movement and agility is severely reduced and weapons disengaged due to the ring being in the way
      - Detaching from the ring allows normal ship play (maneuverability, agility & offensive power), but your ring is not shielded and does not move when you are disengaged from it. This leaves the ring vulnerable and easily destroyed leaving you stranded if not strategically placed/hidden in your current enemy/neutral system
      - A costly upgrade. We know hulls are the "cheaper" part of getting the ship of your dreams as it is the upgrades that are costly to get the best-of-the-best. The ring is along the same lines and as it is in essence just a "large" upgrade item. It will be expensive 
      - Additional cost: Maintenance/upgrades (equipping more efficient fuel tanks and jump drives), refueling the ring, and spaceport storage costs
      Here is where we ask the question: Would something like this be a cool and convenient implementation from the standpoint of Star Citizen which would allow players a bit more versatility in smaller ships? 
      I personally think this would be very cool to see as you could take some of your less intended ships that are not traditionally meant for long distance, and allow them to have the option of going out further into the verse without having to rely on something larger (which normally means more people, more coordination and more UEC).  It would not be "over powered" as it is still one-ring-per-one-small-ship and god forbid if they came across anything that is hostile and larger than they are after the jump!
      Look forward to see your opinion on this as I think it would be a cool implementation by CIG if they have the time (which lets be honest, they have so much going on right now, something like this compared to some of their other duties would be a walk in the park!)
      Cheers for now!,
    • By Renaissance Yann
      60 Euros / 75 Dollars
      Does anyone think it is worth it?
      How long do you think one would have to play for to be able to buy an F7-C?
      Assumption and supposition permitted ;-)
    • By Lithras
      The Doucet Interplanetary Assets and Stellar Exploration (D.I.A.S.E.) is recruiting pilots with a knack towards exploration, engineering and trading. With a strong passion for tackling new challenges, we seek to expand and develop over the coming years. If interested, you can join D.I.A.S.E. at https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/DIASE

      "ICE" is the company's code reference to its security department, in honor of the department's past as a PMC called Independent Contractor Enterprises (I.C.E.). ICE is now a department of D.I.A.S.E. responsible for the protection of the company's assets and property, as well as for escorting the company's expeditions. ICE enjoys a degree of independence within D.I.A.S.E.; ICE pilots are available for hire by third parties, as long as those assignments are legal and don't harm D.I.A.S.E. or its associates.

      For more information and enlisting, visit https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/ICEDEPT

      Small security organizations having trouble boosting their numbers are welcome to join with ICE. They will be treated as a squadron, retaining their chain of command and decals. If you have any questions, let us know!

      D.I.A.S.E. (and ICE) are all about game immersion. We encourage roleplaying, and we support an elitist-free gaming experience (but of course we strive to be as good as we can get in the game). We praise teamwork and mutual support. Both D.I.A.S.E. and ICE started out as small groups of real-life friends, which brings a certain degree of coordination by default. Hope to see you onboard!
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