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WTS - AMD 5800X


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Selling AMD 5800x for $380. A $50 discount from the current price. No fees or shipping cost.  Never used.


Reason for selling: As many others, I have decided to quit my new PC build due to the chip shortage and looking to get rid of the processor I purchased.

Product: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

Current value: $423

My asking Price: $380 

Condition: Never used, taken out of box but not the plastic containing the chip.

Transaction details:

  • Buyer must have a Verified Paypal account
  • I pay Paypal fee's
  • Free shipping


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      This is when I finally switch teams to AMD for the CPU (lol I don't think AMD's GPU will be any good though).

      Amazed that the clock speed keeps going up at 16 cores over 12 cores.  Need to look at it closer to see if there's any gotchas.  Will be waiting for reviews before buying as always.  But AMD is about to wipe Intel's last advantage away.  I'm still on my i7-4770K, so this will be a huge upgrade.
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      This package includes a rare AMD Mustang Omega, Self-Land Hangar and SC+SQ42 access.
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      Haven't done this before so some guidance would be appreciated.
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      I do accept USD with PayPal, and also any cryptocurrency if you would like to pay that way.

      I will be more than happy to go first with reputable members since I have 0 reputation
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