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Xi'an - Railen

Morgen Black

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The Xi’an industrial shipbuilder, Gatac Manufacture, unveils its new interspecies commercial cargo hauler, the Railen.

This alien hauler has been adapted to suit mixed-species crews and, along with a huge cargo capacity and formidable weapons package, features a unique mix of Human and Xi’an facilities that make it unlike anything else in the ‘verse.

Crew 4

Length 53m, Width 52m, Height 67m

Turrets: 2x manned with 2x S4 weapons

Missiles: 2x Bespoke S4 racks (8xS1 per rack) , 2x Bespoke S3 racks (2xS2 per rack)

Cargo capacity: 320 SCU

Currently $200 warbond (LTI) or $225 store credit (6mo.) insurance.  Concierge also has the option of purchasing a Railen - Hyaotan paint for $11 separately or it is included with the warbond version.  The paint looks to be black/blue versus the standard paint of black/magenta.

Hopefully, more will be released tomorrow.

















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Hmmm... Decisions, decisions... 




Seriously though, if anyone here wants to buy the Railen because they like the look of it go right ahead and I really hope you will get a lot of enjoyment out of it. :)

For me, I just don't feel anything for these alien ships. Perhaps this has something to do with CIG slapping this wierd +$50 to +$100 'Alien Tax' on most of them but yeah. The Railen is basically a cheaper C2 with higher crew requirements with a lower (external) cargo carrying capacity, a mix of M and L size components, and lower defensive capabilities.

Personally I'd rather go with the Hercules C2 or a Hull-C (which has 14x the cargo capacity). Heck, or even a $90 Hull-B as that one was supposed to come with 384SCU of cargo capacity and just needs a single pilot.

But yeah, if you like it go get one. Never let anyone try to dictate what you should or should not do with your own money. I am merely giving my own personal opinion on why I am not getting one myself. ;)

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I'm not an alien-ship design lover either.  I'll stick to the normal ships that I'm used to.  That said, the concept is really cool, and I'm glad that they (CIG) is expanding the norms in the 'Verse!  Now if they could take some of those cool affects and features and apply them to all the other ships, that would greeeeeaaaat...

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I picked up an Ares Ion to Xi'an Railen CCU for $5.00.  If I apply it to one of my CCU chains from the last few sales the total price should come out to $160.  That puts it in direct competition with the RSI Connie Taurus.  I totally agree with you @Danakar Endeel with regard to the alien tax, but I think I will hold on to the CCU and see how it pans out.


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