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Where's Rav been? Can't launch SC anymore

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For those of you that may remember me, I was quite active a few months back. Probably around the Xeno Threat event. Annnnnyway... Just after that event, as well as upgrading my flight stick to a VKB Gladiator (it's reallly nice btw) I've been unable to launch the game. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, renamed p4k.old, etc etc and I'm still getting the dreaded Red Screen of Death. So that's what's been goin on with me. Oh and I recently moved (nightmare).


Hope you folks are having a better time than I. 



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Hey ATRavenousStorm, sorry to hear that you're having trouble launching the game. I haven't had any issues with SC recently, but I did have a similar issue with software I use for work. I ended up having to do a Windows 10 factory reset for that PC. It did solve the issue, but was an annoying way to have to deal with it. I hope you don't have to go to those lengths, but it's always an option. Good luck with the move and see ya around when you're situated again!

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