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SC CrewFinder!

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Star Citizen CrewFinder

Want to fly big ships, with people in, without the hassle of joining and ranking up in an org? Want a more, chillaxed gameplay that isn't restricted to just bounty hunting, or lawful gameplay? CrewFinder is for you! It's a discord that's being made in order to find crew for players who just want people on turrets, engineering stations, snub fighters and more. Events will be held in the future, when the discord has the capacity to!


Specialization: All specialisations welcome

Commitment: Social/Group-finding, for easy browsing of people online to crew

Role Play: Up to whoever's looking for a crew

Main Language: EN

Region/Timezone: Mostly EU right now, but all members welcome

Other essential info: The discord is a primarily crew-finding oriented discord. With channels setup to provide ease of finding a crew, this is oriented towards citizens who wish to either have some friends along on their journey, or for those just looking to crew a turret, or an engineering station. The choice is yours, and hopefully we can see you as a new member!

Links: Discord: https://discord.gg/qdYXEZZWuY

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