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I've been thinking of trying this game so I ask is it any fun? I know its still in development, but I would like to give it a try. I'd like to know what people that have played it think. 

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What viperalpha said, plus note that right now CIG is much more geared towards making a SIM than a game--which unfortunately has brought with it a lot of delays in actually producing a full featured game.  Your experience now may be--and will likely be a LOT different from what it will be in 2-5 years. 

That's not to say you can't have fun now, but I'm in the boat that I'm unsure what direction CIG is actually going to take in a lot of areas of the game and for now am taking a break till they can really get the core of the game built out and solid.

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I think it's tons of fun! I've never felt this size of scale in any other game, the ships and cities are amazing to experience. But I would still suggest going in with friends or org mates to maximize on the fun! =] I do hear some complaints with lower end PC but that will be optimized as they can, so don't expect it to always be a issue.  

If you'd like, we host events and meetings, like tomorrow for example is one of our in-game events. You can always check here https://forums.starcitizenbase.com/calendar/.

Hope to see you around!

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At first, I liked this game. Then some bugs began to appear, and the constant beta versions got tired. Over time, I lost interest in this game. I didn't even follow the updates and news already. I still like online games more. Maybe I can even say that League of Legends is my favorite multiplayer game. Even when I try to play a new game, I still come back to the league of legends. My friend also wanted to start playing. Only he is not satisfied with the fact that it will take a long time to earn a rating. I said that he could buy league accounts as other players do. He thought it was a great idea. Now he calls me every night to play together.

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    • By Final
      I may want to sell my account. (with this golden ticket)
      Hello everyone,
      2012 I bought / opened my account and since then I have been online maybe 4 times over the years. 
      besides the golden ticket i have UEC
      ¤34,000 UEC
      ¤5,000 REC
      Honestly, I have 0 plan what I need it for.
      Can anyone tell me what a realistic price is for this account?
      Greeting Final
    • By Insolint
      Hello guys! My name is Insolint. I have been a Citizen for a few weeks. Now that I got my feet wet, time to get busy. I applied to the Imperium this morning.

      Real life gaming background. I started off with a Commodore Vic 20 in 1983. Back then it was text based games, or 8 bit 2d. I remember spending hours typing in programs that were included in the computer magazines of the day. A decade later it was Doom and Quake. They sure were fun.

      I got to tell you though. This Star Citizen is the most impressive game yet. It amazes me the direction and development of this type of thing. It is the best thing since SWG.

      Later I want to get a 3d headset. It will be totally cool! Kind of like something I've pondered in the past. I thought it would be cool if virtual reality technology got advanced enough that disabled people, or elderly people could go on adventures and do things they normally wouldn't be able to do. Now I see it happening right before my eyes. I'm getting elderly (60+) and I am disabled too. I'll get that 3d headset and do adventures no matter how old my physical body gets. As long as my conscious mind is functioning, I'm out there.

      Who knows where all this could go? If I'm lucky and make it to my 80s, I might be exploring Mars through telepresence, using quantum entanglement based communications. Life is only what we make it, so I'm going to take it. My mind can be free of constraints.

      I hope to see you in the simulation. I like exploring and mining the most. Piloting is of great interest to me. I want to get real good at it. I may be better at that than combat because my reflexes are not as quick as they used to be. Piloting in a ship for a hair raising landing, everyone piling out and making the mark while I guard the area ready for a quick landing as the crew scrambles to get aboard, maybe fighting all the way back into orbit, sounds like a lot of fun.  

    • By Porcupine
      I used to play SC with no problems so far; having downloaded the latest 3.11 patch though, SC (the game) simply won't launch any more. The launcher itself (1.4.4) starts just fine, logs in just fine, but as soon as I click on "launch game" I _instantly_ get a "SC has stopped running unexpectedly" red dialog, no matter how many times I try, or how many times I attempt "verify". This is clearly not a network / CIG servers related issue, as it happens _far_ too fast - there's something in the new patch crashing, but "verify" does nothing to help. That would suggest though that I shouldn't be the only person seeing this happen - anyone...? anyone...? Bueller...?
    • By Pockets
      I have been looking at the various videos, adverts, the star citizen site ect and everything seems to say mmo player, but when I try to down load the game it says single player. I keep thinking I am going to be paying all this money for a game that isn't suited to my play. So i figured I'd just go for it and ask people that know. Is this game a multi player game, like eve-online where you can be together it alliances and community and fly together and cooperate to develop or is this a single player game where you just play sims and shoot npc? Do you get to shoot other players and battle, and walk around with other players like in wow or is it purely single player like sims4 with spaceships so to speak?
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