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No ships to recall.

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hey @Inkslinger98, welcome to the forums!


I have some suggestions that will sound very basic but I just want to cover all possibilities to help troubleshoot. =]

1. When you bought the Mustang did you close the game and log back in?

2. Is this the package you purchased? 

3. While on the RSI web page can you go to Account > My hanger and confirm you see the Mustang in there, please.




4. Have you tried any other steps I can rule out?



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Ah very good, verifying files is always a good option! 

I can't seem to find anything on the Issue Council but assuming you're a new player it may have something to do with the issue.



Have you tried spawning the Dragon fly to see if may be the name that is bugged?


For possible solutions to try, I have:

1. Find a matching report in the Issue Council

2. Contact CIG Support.

3. Request a character reset

  • Info on Character Reset - https://support.robertsspaceindustries.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041509433
  • Your issue falls under: All of your ships have become unflyable (missing components, failed to spawn, can't file claims for lost vessels, duplicate ships, etc.)
  • If you choose to go this route here are the steps.
  • Spoiler


    IMPORTANT!  Please wait at least an hour before you log back in to the game to ensure the system has time to properly process your account data and avoid further issues.

    You will be locked out of the game while the reset is occurring.  While your account will generally be available to play again after about 15 minutes, logging back in too quickly has been seen to cause further account issues. 

    Players may receive a error when attempting to login after initiating a character reset if it has not had time to fully process yet. Again, please wait at least one hour after initiating the reset to be certain it has properly processed. 



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15 hours ago, Inkslinger98 said:

It's working now. I shut down the launcher and restarted it. I just finished downloading the game today and it was still open. Thank You.

That's great to hear! Glad you got it going. =]

 If you're ever looking for some people to fly with check out the Discord! We list the events in the Calendar if you're ever curious. 

  • How to get perms for discord. 


Feel free to reach out if you need anything else, see you in the 'Verse!


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