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Items in the account are the following (BEST OFFER) 2.5k price and up


1. Combo armada pack includes the following 
-f7C-M Super hornet 
-Starfarer Gemeni 
-Idris P 
-Retalliator Bomber
-Constellation Andromeda
- Life time insurance, 20,000 UEC, 
2. Banu Merchantman LTI

3. Carrier air wing packet 
-F7C-M Super hornet
-Freelance MIS
-Anvil hurricane 

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    • By Piecemaker
      Between all the ships in single player hands and considering the additional manpower needs of multi-crew ships, one means of addressing the staffing issue presented by multi-crewed ships is buying multiple packages...  Another is hiring NPCs in the PU... Which strategy is better and why? What are your thoughts on the topic?
      How many "ship packages" (NPC's) are people thinking of picking up...? What plans do your have to meet the staffing needs of multi-crewed ships? I am trying to identify the number of packages to pick up. Or whether to just hire NPCs in the PU in order to perform "solo" missions in a multi-crewed ship... (e.g. Me flying my multi-crewed ship that is crewed by NPCs). Granted that a multi-crewed ship manned with NPCs will be less effective and more at risk than one manned by players... I was considering low risk (UEE Space hauling/mining).
      Thanks in advance for your thoughts...
      Piece Out
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