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New Application and introduction

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Hello, I just applied to join and thought I'd both make this known and introduce myself.


I've been playing Star Citizen on and off for quite a bit but usually without any set goal, just having fun. I've tried a few friend owned orgs but that never really worked out so I wanted to join a big active org. I'm mostly interested in strategy, communication and information. Of course this takes time to get into but other things I do in SC is mining, logistics and hopefully base building when it arrives.

My current hangar consists of the Carrack, Hercules C2, Cutlass Black, Anvil Valkyrie and a Mercury Star Runner. I still have access to and am planning on buying back a Pioneer and Endeavor with modules. These ships allow me and will allow me to do quite a bit of different tasks but my most hyped and favorite ship will be de Pioneer when it releases.

I hope to get accepted soon and get to work.


Toby/Simon (That's what everyone calls me but it ain't even my real name)

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Hi i am john. i am new here . i am playing star citizen from long time and i love it. 

Star Citizen is one of the most immersive games I've ever played. Both Star Citizen and Escape From Tarkov are both games that, I feel, define what the future of gaming is going to be. Just these huge and ambitious open world games where the scale, beauty, and feel of the game just feel next.

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    • By DarthVinci
      Hello. I'm Darth Vinci. I have been following Star Citizen since 2014. I am one of the leaders of Alleanza Astrale, the largest Italian organization. Between Endevor, Polaris, mining ships, trade and some fighters I have a small multifunctional fleet. My compliments to the administrators and staff of this great community.
    • By ATRavenousStorm
      Been away from SC since 2015. Came back to see what's new and now there's a new level of hype.
      My future vision for SC
      Being a part of a large fleet. Fighting off other fleets for control of resources and system(s). Fighting massive ground wars utilizing the power of said fleet (Air battles, drop ships, tanks, ground forces, etc). Org members working together to expand power and influence.
      Fleet includes
      Anvil Arrow (light fighter)
      CNOU Nomad (Decent cargo)
      MISC Prospector (Cred generator)
      Ryzen 7 2700x
      GTX 1060 6GB (Damn bots keeping my 3060 from me)
      32 GB RAM
      Corsair k65 with Utech Venus PRO mouse
      Thrustmaster t16000m FCS (thinking of going dual stick)
      Enough BS with SC and Hardware, Who the hell are you?!
      I'm a really chill guy tbh. I don't take most things seriously and I just try to have a good time. I've got the body of Peter Parker and the mouth of Wade Wilson. I'm a competent gamer (though not a great dog fighter, yet). I've just gotten back into SC as stated above and kind of dove right in. Got some ships and a stick/throttle and started practicing. As I started taking the game more seriously and my hype level rose, I decided I should probably find an Org to bring my vision to closer to fruition.
      I'm open to questions. Any at all. I'm not shy.
    • By Vel Elonassai
      Hi all,
      I've submitted my app via the RSI site.  Hope to be a part of something cool and meet new people
      I'm in my 40s and based in Scotland.  Looking forward to flying along side you
    • By Finill
      Greetings all.
      I have been around Star Citizen since 2015 where I pledged a Mustang Alpha. But haven't really played it much, but the last few weeks, I have been playing daily. 
      I'm a space nerd from Denmark and I have been playing Eve online since 2003 and can see that SC is gonna be the next new thing to space sandbox games. I enjoy everything in SC PVP to Mining and exploration. The potential of the game has hooked me a lot, so now I wanted to join a organization as social aspect is a key function for me  
      Best regards
    • By mafiaknight
      A very good day to you all. I am Lieutenant mafiaknight with the UEENR. As the name suggests, we are a military RP org. We engage in anti-piracy, and Vanduul interdiction primarily. We would like to learn more about the Imperium such that we might form a friendly working relationship for the future. We welcome any of you to join our Discord to learn more about us, or to chat with our members.

      Our RSI page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/UEENR
      Discord: https://discord.gg/BgWxqFQ
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