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    • By VoA
      We just reached $250 million in crowdfunding!!!

    • By Major Dex
      I have been keeping track of the development for the last 5 years and I'm surprised by the optimistic expectations of many backers.
      Really curious what the community thinks about this.  
    • By StarC_Newbie
      all comments within are my opinions.


      The question i am asking is this:

      Are we hurting ourselves / RSI by continuing to give them FREE money / adding backing money ? 


      Make no mistake every time we add to the backing it is money they dont have to repay anyone. 

      It does add to the over all Valuation of CIG / RSI as a company since its used to build the studio and as marketing reference.

      Considering the recorded sale of both Digital Anvil and Point of no Return are we pushing the RSI / CIG valuation to the point that we doom it to sale by CR & the other partners?

      If we dont doom it to sale are we making the product / game delayed due to the steady influx of free cash to RSI ?

      By constantly backing via the never ending ship sales do we prevent RSI from developing healthy business models for funding and expenditures ?

      Do we allow unrealistic "perfection" goals for a game that inherently can never be perfect ?

      Do we send the message that they dont have to live up to the hype that got this all started ?

      We backed for Star Citizen, we let them add in another full game ( SQ42 ). Are we sending the message ... hey add in another AAA game to this Star Citizen budget we will wait even longer and fund all 3 !

      Sooner or later you cut your child off and say good luck in the world ...... It is the BEST thing you can do FOR them.

      I believe at almost 160 million we have given that child ( SC ) life and the ability to go forth and mature on its own now.

      Please add in your thoughts but be respectful of all views.
    • By Major Dex
      Like many of you I'm really looking forward to the full release of this game. Unfortunately it is taking longer then I hoped. Since we don't hear much about the progress of SQ 42 I was curious what we can expect regarding the release of the PU. Since we already know what GIC has planned for the coming releases, I wanted to figure out when we can expect the release of the coming versions. I know GIC will make the production schedule for 3.0 available soon but I wanted to look further ahead. I took the liberty to calculate the average number of weeks for each release and based on this I used an average to project the release dates for the coming versions. Looking at the past years of development GIC is releasing a new version every 6-11 weeks. For my forecast I used an 8 week release schedule, which in my view is still optimistic. I know this is all based on statistics, but for me it gives me something to aim for.
      Based on the current projections it is unlikely we will see the release of 4.0 this year. A bit of a dissappointment but not a big surprise. Which means the acutal PU will probably be released late 2018 at the earliest. So it looks like we still have to wait at least a year for the release of the PU. I wish I was more patient.

    • By AEVUM
      incredible CIG has now made $130,000,000 That is $5,000,000 in just under a month thanks to the Polaris and the Militia Mobilization Initiative.  

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