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In the 2020 Anniversary Sale, was the Endeavor available for CCU?

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Hi I joined SC right after the free fly and Rent for Free all ship event of Nov-Dec 2020, and I wasn't paying any attention to CCUs at that time. Does anybody recall if the Endeavor was available for CCU last Anniversary Sale of 2020? I got worried when I came across this post here in this site:


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Thanks so much for that info. I got a couple of Endeavors on a CCU chain that I had just started and find that post and it really worried me, but at least I'd have a chance to LTI those endeavors once cheap LTI tokens are available. I have a few questions there:

1. Had that happened before a CCU got deprecated, because they are not allowing CCU purchases anymore?

2. So on that sale we can still buy the modules and Endeavor packages like Hope, but we just can't CCU to them, right?

3. Do you recall if they are giving away LTI to those Endeavor packages?

4. If not, do you recall upto how long the insurance that was given on those Endeavor packages?

5. Do you recall upto how long the insurance was on those modules? If there is no way to LTI those modules then I won't bother buying those modules with real cash then. But at least an LTI on a capital ship like the Endeavor would still make sense.

Sorry for the many questions, but the answers to these might affect my CCU chain decisions, I hope you understand.

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LTI Endeavor with all LTI modules always available during Annual Sale as Master Set and cost $1000 

CCU to Endeavor ship (head) available as well

Separate modules comes with 10 years insurance from 2019

You can't upgrade Endeavor Hope (ship) coz it is whole package with modules



Endev Master Set.jpg

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Woah the master set comes with 2 biodomes, its like you save 100 if you buy that and its all with LTI, nice. So to maximize it you could buy that for all the LTI, then just buy via CCU additional Endeavors to utilize the other modules so you don't have to constantly change module configurations. Many thanks for that input. I think I know how to plan my CCU for the endeavors now.

I have all the flyable ships that I need bought in game right now, and I don't want to waste an LTI on a small ship that I could easily buy in game and the Insurance is probably very low anyway to bother to LTI but I do want to support CIG further. So I'm going to buy via CCU chain the Orion, BMM, and Endeavors, and I don't mind waiting since those ships aren't coming anytime soon, every year I'll just buy and melt to buy back warbond CCUs for 1 CCU chain at a time, on every sale. so that on the Anniversary sale I could use those store credits plus some cash to buy the CCUs that I need to keep and a few Endeavor modules. The other CCUs and Endeavor modules that I can't buy to keep yet, I'll buy first to melt to buy back later. So that I could buy them 1 or a few of them from buy back every month at a time, until I complete the CCU chain, and then repeat the process for every remaining CCU chain. Now if I got all 750 USD worth of Endeavor Modules plus 250 USD to spare, I should melt all of those modules to buy the Endeavor Master Set.

That way I am not giving away my money to CIG in 1 go, but still be able to support them by giving them smaller amounts of money all year round, which should be better for them.

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Yeah, originally the "Endeavor Master Set" was sold for $900 but only had 1 pair of biodomes. A great number of people complained about that and the following time CIG sold it again they added an additional biodome (but also raised the price by $100). Ofcourse the other benefit was now that it automatically received LTI due to it being $1000+. Every ship sold at $1000 or more automatically gets LTI as an added benefit. :)

So yeah, if you were planning on having several Endeavors then having one Master Set would allow you to make a lot of configurations. :P

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