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Mined more then I can carry

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Hello all.  Newby here.  I refined a bunch of ore I have mined.  The issue is, the cubic feet or refined product is more then my ship can carry (Nomad).   Is there a way to load part of the refined material, sell it, then come back for the rest?

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On 2/19/2021 at 8:04 PM, dngnb8 said:

more then my ship can carry

There is a rented Cutlass in the shop downstairs from the refinery UI. To make it profitable it is necessary to do more than one refine segment, since it only raises the value by 30-50% +/- and the twenty minutes is better spent mining another rock load than heading planet side.

For reference, I am pretty sure the Cutlass cargo is double the nomad.

A refining tip: Only refine the top leader ores. Bexalite, Loranite, etc. The lower cost ores just are not worth a SCU for the planet side run. - DRUM out

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