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Looking to join the Imperium!

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Afternoon all, I have applied to join the Imperium today, hoping to get the ok soon.

I have my good old faithful Connie, an Arrow, Avenger and others. Racked up plenty of game time and I'm fully kitted out. Like to play Exploration and FPS mostly, so if any units want some extra bodies, please let me know. I am based in the UK, play fairly regularly and am looking forward to some team play with... banter!. 

If accepted, ill pledge for a Vangard Warden as well, so I can do fleet protection if its required in the future. 

See you in the field,


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    • By Adoulin
      EVENT: Terrorists vs Counter Terrorists
      Date: Feb. 13th, 2021
      Time: 1800 UTC
      Voice: Imperium Discord VoIP Events Channel
      Briefing: Attendees will be split between 2 teams and separated in voice comms, the teams might be scrambled or rebalanced as needed. The scenarios will be replayed depending on player mood as to what's more fun. The spirit of the event is to gain skill repelling boarders or boarding a ship while keeping the ship in one piece and loosing as few teammates as possible.
      Scenario 1:
      No respawning, last team standing wins. Terrorist team will take hold of a large ship that is engine off and next to an asteroid in zero G. Terrorists can hunker down and are permitted to use turrets to fend off boarders. Counter terrorists will leave from their ship on the opposite side of the asteroid, board and retake the ship.
      Scenario 2: No respawning, last ship standing wins. Capture the Flag type scenario where 2 large ships are placed back to back, engines off, and both teams goal is to self destruct the other teams ship. Turrets are not permitted.
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      hello imperium 
      i am new to star citizens and wanted to join an org to help me get used to how things go (i already know most basics). I came across the you guys whilst looking , i would appreciate it very much if i am able to join and help spread the glory this org to all corners of the galaxy (when that time comes)
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      Hello , 
      been looking at SC for a couple of years , playing on and off . Finaly i decided to commit to sc and looking for a serious group.
      Hope to see you soon in space
    • By Adansin1
      Hello there! my name is Adan, and during the free flight, i feel in love with the potential of this game, so i pledged for one of the starter packs (the Mustang Alpha). The thing i am most excited for is the expansions to fleet combat in the future!
    • By Lancaster Jones
      Hello everyone!
      Been following the development of SC and S42 since 2016 and am excited to join the Verse and community! I submitted an application to Imperium and hope to hear back soon.
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