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Want to Buy Crusader Mercury Star Runner "Nightrunner Skin"


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I'm sorry Blaulicht but it may be almost impossible to get this skin. The only way people could get it was by participating in a mini-game and the skin was an account-locked item that can't be gifted.

So the only way to get it is to basically buy someone's account that has this item in it. That might be looking for a needle in a haystack however people did not need to have bought an actual Mercury ship as anyone who entered the coordinates during the minigame received the skin. So who knows, someone might have an account with only an Aurora but might still own this skin. :)

Now I do not know about the legality of trading accounts but that's basically the only way to get this skin. So if you really want this your best bet is to look for people selling their account and check to see if they happen to have that skin within the account they are selling. Perhaps you could ask some of the larger (trusted) sellers directly and see if they might have an old account lying around with access to that skin that you could buy for relatively cheap. Otherwise I hope that CIG will at some point offer another black skin for sale or that at some point we might be able to paint our ships ingame. ;)

Sorry I can't be of more use... :(

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