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Kessler's Syndrome. Is this a contrived problem or a real one?
Quite interesting renders are given by search engines for this request.
New devices are being created to solve this problem.
Space tugs, etc.
Do you think people will have time to solve this problem before it becomes like on renders?

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Well, not only they think so. Plenty of other space companies and startups around the world are looking to solve this problem as well. Moreover, some companies were created solely to develop methods to get rid of space debris. For example, there is such a device: https://www.skyrora.com/space-tug
I am rather interested in how the use of such devices can be permitted. After all, if it can change the trajectory of a satellite or remove it from orbit, then it can also remove a competitor's satellite or another country's satellite from orbit? How can this be resolved under the outer space treaty?

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