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My Fellow Citizen!

I am Thomas Riddick, a member of the Goon Squadron. Thank you for clicking in and welcome.  On behalf of our founders, I would like to extend
to you, an invitation to join our illustrious band of Goons.  For your viewing pleasure I have embedded a recruitment message from one of our
founders, Mister GypsyRonin.



Should you be inspired to cultivate the Art of Baddassery within your game play, follow this link to our site... https://www.goonsquadron.com/ 
Once there, you can review more info, and make your way over to our Guilded channel where we can answer questions and get to know each other.

We look forward to flying with you.  Until then, Fly Safe and Savvy My Friend!  



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  • T.Riddick changed the title to The Goon Squadron....(Updated 03.03.21)

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