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GameGlass-Tablet/Phone MFD


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"GameGlass allows you to connect your devices to your gaming PC to help control and improve your gaming experience. Intuitive, immersive, well thought out designs make GameGlass feel like a natural extension of your games."

I've been fooling around with it for a few days and there's some useful stuff for sure. It really helps with freeing up binds and adds a little extra "ImmmERRRsSSSiiIIIIIiiion". 


If you've got a tablet lying around, I'd recommend trying it out.



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14 minutes ago, Arcanus said:

Yeah GameGlass is awesome!   I'm using an old Microsoft Surface tablet, but I know people using iPads, Kindle Fire Tablets, and even and Android smartphone.

I dusted off my old Nexus 7. Glad it's getting some use. lol But yeah it's pretty handy. I really like the power controls it gives you. Boosting pips to shields and weapons on the fly is really nice.

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      Hey all,
      Due to it's relative infancy, I don't believe many people were aware of SCPADD.  If not, they have now rebranded as GameGlass and offer what I think will be an awesome addition to anyones setup for playing SC, among other games.  It allows you to use a tablet as an input device, similar to how ROCCAT Power Grid worked, but better.
      Here is a link to their IndieGoGo page which has their promo video, although I believe that there will be a free version of this product with an option to pay a subscription for additional services.
      I backed them through Patreon and should have access to a beta version next month hopefully so can provide some sort of feedback to this product.
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      I currently own a MacBook Air but for the last couple of months I've debated on getting a tablet to compliment all my technology. But I'm still on the fence about whether I need or would use the tablet over my Mac. Anybody who has both a tablet and laptop tell me how much they use both on a regular basis and / or it's worth having both? 
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