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New player but performance is terrible

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I have been wanting to get into this game for a bit now and just downloaded and started trying to. The problem I am having is that the games performance is absolutely atrocious. Totally unplayable... Tons of stuttering and low (like 10 or less) FPS on what I think is at least a decent computer. Even on medium settings...

CPU: AMD 9590 AM3+
GPU: EVGA Nvidia 980 Ti
Memory: 32GB DDR3
Game Drive: Samsung 860 Evo

I mean my setup is a few years old but its not so hopelessly crap that I shouldn't be able to run this, but I totally cant use the game, the performance is totally useless. Is there some common issue with this that I can fix? Even on medium settings it runs only like 10ish FPS or less, and the stuttering for texture loading times makes it unplayable. I keep getting issues with textures not loading and getting see through models, even just walking around the beginner space station.

Any help would be appreciated, I really want to start Star Citizen and I don't think my build is that bad, but the games performance is telling me otherwise. Thanks in advance for the help.

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Mine pretty much sucked with an older graphics card like you show.

I upgraded to a GTX 1080 (not the best but ...)

I have had no further stutter problems since.

I cannot respond your AMD chip as good/bad/indifferent, just what worked for me.

I imagine that today you can get better than my 1080 for less money than I spent on it. - DRUM out

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Hmmm, thanks. I will take a look at upgrading, but the 980TI is only 5 years old, and benchmarks about the same as a 1070. In 2015 it was actually one of the best cards you could buy. I don't have any issues playing even brand new games for the most part at 30+ fps. Is Star Citizen just extremely demanding?

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Just as an aside, this is typical Chris Roberts.

Whenever he announced a new game, as followers, we made throat noises, because it meant we were fixing to upgrade our machines.

He didn't compromised and pushed for the best resolution and performance currently available.

i5, i7, i9, instead of 8080, 386, 486, but even as things change, they are the same. - DRUM out

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