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20 hours ago, macgivre said:

Hello and welcome so what kind of gameplay are you interested in ? more of a fighter, explorer, trader miner ... or maybe both ?

A mix of all really, but at the moment, i'm focusing more to mining, but exploration is the ideal :)

My ideal is to find a steady crew and really have some fun.  Be it in the roleplaying sense (as i'm a very long term roleplayer) or just in the playing the game sense as I love all things scifi.

I'm not so great at FPS, but will gladly pick up my rifle to defend my friends.


Just to add, thank you all for your kind welcomes :)


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Ah ah so you will probably enjoy the mining party organized by @REIGN-11-87 and his fellow teamates. 
The Mole meaning as a crew seems to be something very nice and engaging :)

But as an exploration guy, you may also be helpfull to scan the asteroïd field to search for good mining spots. 

The only downside is that those party are held by people on the US time zone, so it start around 00 and 01 AM in UTC.... but as it take place on Friday or Saturday, it is not such a big deal ;)


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