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January 2951 Subscriber Promotions



We’re starting 2951 off with a bang – this month’s Flair takes a fierce Behring design and gives it a lethal new look, although your enemies may be too preoccupied with the grenades to notice. Whether you’re looking for something subtle, or something that really catches the eye, you’ll be glad to have the GP-33 MOD at your side.


Because good things come in threes, we decided to bring you three Ships of the Month in January. Ring in the new year in style in the Origin 100 Series! The 100i, 125a, and 135c are three stunning ships built for three different types of pilots, but no matter what you tend to do in the ‘verse, you’ll love each one.


Don’t forget – last month’s mighty miner, the ROC, is available to pledge for all month long, so you’re mining operation doesn’t have to say goodbye quite yet if you want to keep things rolling.


Keep reading to get all of the January details!




Enemies will either scatter or splatter when you turn the GP-33 MOD in their direction. This military-grade launcher fires 40mm grenades to clear rooms and flush out enemies behind cover. Those that don’t immediately flee will feel the pain, as Behring’s precision design also includes a feature that primes each grenade to explode on impact.



GP-33 MOD “Ashfall” Grenade Launcher – The Ashfall edition mixes dark blue, grey, and black for a subtle yet stylish look.


Current Centurion-level Subscribers get the GP-33 MOD “Ashfall” Grenade Launcher above as part of their subscription.



GP-33 MOD “Copperhead” Grenade Launcher – A light, metallic finish applied to the barrel and stock catches the eye and makes the Copperhead edition stand out from other versions.


Current Imperator-level Subscribers get the GP-33 MOD “Copperhead” Grenade Launcher and the GP-33 MOD “Ashfall” Grenade Launcher above as part of their subscription.



GP-33 MOD “Thunderclap” Grenade Launcher – A black and grey color combination gives the Thunderclap edition a subtle look suitable for any security professional.


The GP-33 MOD “Thunderclap” Grenade Launcher is available to all Subscribers for purchase from the Subscriber-exclusive store.


If you aren’t a Subscriber and would like to receive the GP-33 MOD “Ashfall” Grenade Launcher or the GP-33 MOD “Copperhead” Grenade Launcher as part of a subscription, you can SUBSCRIBE by January 12th.


Additionally, if you subscribe after January 12th, you can pick up these and previous month’s flair (going back to 2014) by checking out the Subscriber-exclusive store. You can fill in any gaps in your collection and pick up extras to gift to non-Subscribers.


Normally I don't post these monthly subscriber promotions but I wanted to make an exception just this once as this is the first time CIG is offering a 'free' grenade launcher. Although this is not as bulky as the shoulder mounted railgun or animus missile launcher I am sure a lot of you out there share my love for big guns that make big explosions. :P

In the past I've occassionally picked up a single-month subscription when an item struck my fancy. I would then wait until the very last day to subscribe because that way you'd also usually receive the next month's item as well (because subscribers usually get their monthly items attributed a week or so earlier). Ofcourse this also opens up the Subscribe Store where you can pick up other cool items. They also offer a pistol, shotgun, and sniper rifle in the same blue and copper colors as the grenade launchers shown here. So if you would want to pick up a matching set now is your chance (sadly the weapons still come from different manufacturers so it's not really a true matching set; just the colorscheme is the same. ;) 

Now I'm contemplating on maybe getting another single-month Centurion subscription. That way I get the blue one for free and can buy the bronze and black ones in the store separately.

For the full size images click on the SPOILER below









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wel i decided to try the event, after that tryed the 890 jump rescue mission and blew myself up with that new launcher ;o, explosion is bigger then i expected


edit: there no option somewhere to up my sub from cent to imp subscription right ?

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