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The 3.12 brought us refinery. Turning mined ores and minerals into sales ready commodities.

Linking some streams and such are welcome if you think they were well done,  but I will start out with just some insights to what has been seen.

Here is a trigger. High percentage Quaintanium, Bexalite, or Borase loads will give approximately 130,000 +/- value once refined. Some rocks are just worth looking for.


You can refine more than one job, but for now the UI is broken such that you cannot split a job extraction. On top of that, it shows false values. I have sort of a feel for it now, but my advice would be to limit amount of jobs unless you have a Max, or Cat, or another large capacity ship available. That overloaded Freelancer shown below was from just two batches. EDIT: UI has been fixed and if not enough room the ship will not appear for selection.

First picture is a job that said I had 1700 of 2200 available cargo space. As you can see, it overloaded the ship which made it glitch out and it needed to be claimed.

There are several ways to refine your raw resources, but beware. As of now, if you try to do just one element of the mined load it will destroy the others not selected. Ask me how I know... So select the best method for the highest rated element and just accept whatever that gives you with the lower value stuff.

Second picture is the Trade Center. Everyone is trying to sell the refined metal at trade windows. You cannot. It must be sold at a commodity window in a trade center ground side. I did not pick up on it at first, but this is appears to be a moving target. A pixel version of E-trade? The numbers shift around, so if you are happy with what you are seeing, sell it and move on, else wait a bit and see if the world has more need of that commodity later.

That is it for now. Join in and discuss if interested in mining. Feel free to ask  questions.  - DRUM out




Trade Center.png

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Anyone with an Orion or Starfarer should be interested in this refinery stuff. Both of those ships will have an onboard refine option which will probably be a subset of what we have now for minerals and ores.

Once you delve into it, an interesting thing is exposed. The entire process puts you into the old engineering caveat of GOOD FAST CHEAP - Pick Two.

The pictures below will show you a bit of the process. Remember that this is version 0.0 of this, so it may get morphed into something else entire before it is all said and done.

I went thru a simple process and showed each segment (including using the current stealth cargo Nomad). Doing the math shows a 20k load upgrading to a 30k payout after refine costs.

Running that refined load ground side for an additional 10k in sales was not cost effective. I could have found another 20k+ load in that time and sold it as ore. Here is where it takes money to make money.  Stacking refine jobs in a Cat, Max, or some other large cargo ship will make refining very profitable. Taking 6 or 8 loads in a large cargo carrier would have you making an extra 80-100k for a 20 minute journey planet side.

The other picture group shows the various methods for doing a refine project. You can examine the various yields, refine costs, and times for each of the methods. I like that it is not a static process and you have some say over the finished product. 

Hope this helps people decide if they like refining or not. Remember that a subset of this will be in the Orion and Starfarer. I like the idea that my ship will be making money refining gas or ore while I am dancing down at the bar.  DRUM out

Test Run.png


Short Method.png

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I have been going large (Cat etc) with the refinery loads and was curious what a smaller version would look like.

So I filled a Freelancer with just Boarase, Bexalite, and Loranite. Total in ship was almost 198k, with approximately a third of that as refinery profit.

66k for a 20 minute trip ground side certainly makes it worth while. I lost count of how many 15-20 minute  mining runs it took me to fill that Freelancer, because I only wanted high percentage runs of those 3 resources and just sold the ore if it was different or low percentage.

It takes money to make money holds true then, since not everyone with a prospector will have a large cargo ship to pile it into. I imagine daily rentals will be available once the game rounds out, dunno. Another adage mentioned also came into play. The risk/reward part was a close call. When I was on my way to the TDD building the server crashed with that insidious 30k.  So I was just minutes from losing the entire 198k load. Whew... - DRUM out


Full Freelancer.png

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