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    • By Lucius Siccius
      Specialization: Trading/Transport/Exploration/Security
      Commitment: Regular
      Role Play: We have a space for role players yes!
      Main Language: English
      Region/Timezone: Global
      Operation Times: Variable
      We are a group of seasoned Star Citizen players that have been in the game for some time now, and wanted to create something special for our members to grow as a part of., learn and enjoy the game. Our experience with other orgs has helped us a lot to create the backbone of what we are sure will be a very dedicated group of people that will impact the game in a positive way.
      We know that real life responsibilities come first and that is a priority for us all, so we have a relaxed mentality that combines with the incredible dedication of our leadership team. Long story short: We are here for you! We have game knowledge, resources, and even cool sponsorships with big names in Star Citizen like GameGlass & Surfshark, with great discounts for our members, friends & allies. 
      We would love to have you! Visit our RSI profile today.
      GameGlass discount code: GGSOLIS
      Surfshark Discount link: https://surfshark.deals/MORTEMSOLIS
      Communications Server: https://www.guilded.gg/r/zz7EAgk3XR?i=o4P16yad
      RSI Page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/MORTEM

    • By AmiralAdama
      I downloaded Star Citizen last year without knowing it was a paid game, this week it's free so I updated it.
      Once updated I launched it, it crashed twice but the third one it finally opened, I ended up in the menu.
      straightly (as usual) I go to graphic options, but there is almost nothing to change and disable VSync doesn't change anything to the fps.
      So I go into the game folders to look for a config file that I don't find.
      So I go to Google and I have to say that I haven't find much on the subject. (and nothing in my language)
      I did find a console command directory:
      star citizen fandom : Console_commands
      So I tried this:
      sys_MaxFPS 166 r_VSync 0
      It hadn't changed anything, that's why I'm here.
      I want to disable all post processing graphic settings like AA, motion blur, depth of field and all those graphics settings that screw up fps and make games look like crap. Then of course, I'm looking for a solution to uncap the fps.
      In the command directory (up above) there is a command to edit the post-processing effects but look at these affixed values:
      r_MotionBlur = 2/2/2/2/2 r_DepthOfField = 3/3/2/3/3 and so on
      I don't understand the system! It's not supposed to be written like 0/1/2/3 etc.!?
    • By d4everman
      I decided to give this game a shot. The video and sound are very choppy, even when I set the graphis to low. I don't know if its my GPU (NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1660 Super) or something else. The game takes a few minutes just to start. Is there a work around for this? 
    • By Tunarocket
      Hey guys i been holding up this Mustang for severel years now and decided to sell it. 
      Price is 350 usd

      I only accept paypal. 

    • By Triton186
      If this is the wrong place to ask this question, my apologies. Just point me in the right direction if you would please...
      I have a SC Account that I'd like to sell. Although I've read through the information provided in the marketplace forum, I'm still seeking advice before I post WTS. My account is about 4yrs old, with a few additional ships. My original package was the Andromeda; it has since been upgraded to a Caterpillar Package. I've added ships along the way including the Hammerhead, Carrack, 600i, Sabre, Terrapin, Aquila, 315p, and Prospector.  So my questions is would I have better luck selling the account in the Marketplace here as-is, or melting all the ships so that there is a large account credit?  
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