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Origin 400i

Danakar Endeel

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I really hope CIG will replace that useless fourth escape pod and instead turn it into a cabinet for storing some medical supplies and fire extinguishers or something. Currently the ship still has 4 escape pod from the time when it was supposed to be a 4-man ship. However, CIG decided to change it to a 3-man ship yet forgot about that fourth escape pod.

So yeah, removing that escape pod and replacing it with one of those slide-out cabinets to store some med-pens, a medi-gun, and some fire extinguishers would make a lot more sense compared to an escape pod that will never get used. :P

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33 minutes ago, Star Lord said:

@Danakar Endeel - with you - two opportunities to improve based on your perspective. They could make a walking path to the X1 (or other vehicles) in the "suit locker" by the "gravity generator" and the one you called out by offering a medical station of some kind in the 4th escape pod. 

Yeah, that was also rather unfortunate to see that you can't get to the X1 bay because of that glass wall with the gravity generator. Now that gravity generator looks cool but what if it fails and needs to be repaired? I don't see any way to reach it. So it's definitely aesthetically pleasing but also realistically problematic in terms of actual gameplay when the thing breaks down. All the other ships with a physical gravity generator I've seen can be accessed by an engineer if needs be. Now CIG seems to play a bit fast'n'loose with ships as some don't even have a gravity generator component (Hammerhead, Mercury, etc.) while others have it proudly on display (Reclaimer, Starfarer, etc.) while on other ships it's apparently just a small box-shaped item (Constellation Phoenix I believe).

So yeah, I wouldn't mind if CIG removed part of that glass wall and also make it accessible for repairs with some kind of sliding wall or such, then put the gravity generator off to the side a little (it doesn't have to be in the exact center of a ship anyways), and then create a walkway to the X1 bay. Currently that space with the gravity generator is very large and it feels rather empty with just that lone spinning ball there. Would have been cool to have a walkway in order to get to and from the X1 bay. :)

That way we'd be able to access the X1 bay from the inside, still retain the gravity generator, are able to perform repairs to it if needs be, and then change that fourth escape pod to a medical/firefighting cabinet. :D

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On 7/7/2022 at 3:34 PM, GRIZZ said:

VMXEO returns with a sweet cutaway of the 400i, a must-have wallpaper for any fan.



Awesome! But ... that's a 600i. :D  

Still looks cool though. I hope this VMXEO will also make a new one once we get the reworked version of the 600i. :) 

Here's the 400i cutaway by the way:



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