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How can Star Citizen justify throwing me in jail for 10 hours when the merit system is broken and escaping from jail is extremely bugged. I always end up falling threw the planet or getting stuck in some how my character is to big to get into but some how slipped  in so you cant get back out. I just don't understand why they don't reduce the jail time well its so broken. (or just remover it for now) makes very little since to me how they can justify putting me in there for so long with most of it not working 

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Make an effort to not break the existing laws and/or pay your fines.

Is turning in the gems to reduce time what you refer to as merit system?

All the try hards at PO plinking the freighters and miners are getting crime stats now, so I imagine they are not enjoying it.

How did you get put into jail? - DRUM out

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There are many bugs with the Jail system right now.

Dieing, even at the hands of another player, results in 30 min extenction for some.

Arriving in jail with your armor and no mining laser.

Mining gems but the machine won't take them. (Hop to a different server, the fresher the server the more likely the turn-in machine is not broken)

First thing you should do in jail is grab the mission to repair the oxygen machine, its easy reduction in time.  Then mine.

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Complaining about your sentence after you go to prison is pretty hilarious.  The punishment should be harsh and the attempted escape should take some time with good coordination.  If the penalty system was easy, then it would not being doing its job to deter repeat offenders.  I understand that there are bugs and I have actually spent many hours mastering the escape, but it was a fun puzzle and I felt a sense of accomplishment after I succeeded.

I have no sympathy for the "I want it now, with little to no effort" generation. Bah, get off my lawn.

P.S. I see that Grizz is a repeat offender or well versed?


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