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Complete 3 high end CCU'd Ships to sell--closed

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  • Irres changed the title to 3 high end CCU'd Ships to sell--closed

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    • By baylander
    • By RighteousNuts
      Please send me a message, looking to buy an ares ion and a carrack! Thank you!
    • By Quantum
      Selling a Hull A at cost after Paypal fees to give anyone who missed out on the sale a chance. I was using this ship to serve as a seed to apply the $5 WB Nomad CCU resulting in LTI plus the Asteroid Hanger. As of right now, you can still buy that CCU from RSI. 
      Ship: Standalone MISC Hull A
      Price: $65 including Paypal fees
      Insurance: 10 Year
      Melt Value: $60
      Payment Method: Paypal
      PM me with your Paypal email and I will send an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, I will gift the ship to the same Paypal email at which time the sale will be final. As the gifting process is one-way, no refunds can be provided once the ship is claimed. This listing will available for about 7 days.

    • By ChiefWarrant
      UEE 2948 Exploration Package at cost!
      Not looking to make a profit, just don’t want people to loose more money.
      $695 (does not include PayPal fee if you want an invoice). 
      PM me if interested. 
    • By Zap007
      I've bought a brand new Intel Optane 900P SSD, and want to sell never used Sabre Raven promo code, as I'm not interested in playing the game.
      I've put an offer at Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/283848299407

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