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Looking to sell my Ares Inferno from the concept sale. You also get the Ember skin and LTI, which are not included in the IAE version. The asking price is effectively the original concept/melt price + PayPal fees. Please let me know if you have questions. Once payment is received, I will gift the ship to the PayPal email unless otherwise notified. At that point, the sale is final, as there is no way to reverse the transfer. 


Ship: 1x Crusader Ares Inferno Warbond + Ember Skin

Insurance: LTI

Asking Price: $205 (including PayPal Fees)

Melt Value: $195

Method: Verified PayPal Account


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  • Quantum changed the title to [WTS] CRUSADER ARES INFERNO EMBER - LTI

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      Selling a Hull A at cost after Paypal fees to give anyone who missed out on the sale a chance. I was using this ship to serve as a seed to apply the $5 WB Nomad CCU resulting in LTI plus the Asteroid Hanger. As of right now, you can still buy that CCU from RSI. 
      Ship: Standalone MISC Hull A
      Price: $65 including Paypal fees
      Insurance: 10 Year
      Melt Value: $60
      Payment Method: Paypal
      PM me with your Paypal email and I will send an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, I will gift the ship to the same Paypal email at which time the sale will be final. As the gifting process is one-way, no refunds can be provided once the ship is claimed. This listing will available for about 7 days.

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      UEE 2948 Exploration Package at cost!
      Not looking to make a profit, just don’t want people to loose more money.
      $695 (does not include PayPal fee if you want an invoice). 
      PM me if interested. 
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      I've bought a brand new Intel Optane 900P SSD, and want to sell never used Sabre Raven promo code, as I'm not interested in playing the game.
      I've put an offer at Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/283848299407

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      1x Mustang Omega: AMD Never Settle Space Edition - Package, $95 US (Includes PayPal Fees)
      This transaction will be carried out through a PayPal invoice to a verified PayPal account.
      I have completed many trades on Star Citizen Base with SCB and Imperium members and my feedback shows that you should have confidence in me and this transaction.  If you have any questions, please feel free to check my feedback.
      If you have any questions or concerns prior to the transaction, please let me know via PM.  Thank you for looking and have a great day.

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