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2950 Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE)

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Thought I was done with new ships, but I was never really happy with the Kore, so.....


Upgraded it to a Nomad for 4 times the SCU (6 to 24) plus real guns and missiles. Cost was five bucks.

It is a long hauler (700+ QT fuel), very fast, good pickup, and best of all the view.

I usually take the LN to new spots because you can see below and all  around. Makes figuring out a new landing zone easy.

I will be taking the Nomad to new spots now. - DRUM out


EDIT: Here is the expo schedule location if you have not seen it yet.




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Here are the reward skins for the winners of the Ship Showdown. Compared to last year CIG will apparently do something different and these will be actual paint instead of skin upgrades. So you won't lose the original paintscheme and can just add/remove the paint whenever you want. You will get the special livery paint for each ship you own in your hangar at the end of the event. Note that having a ship in buyback or CCU won't be enough to get the paint; you need to have the actual ship in your hangar for it to get the respective IAE-paint attributed. :)


Who will get the Best in Show liveries?

The final four ships in our recent Ship Showdown event will receive the Best in Show liveries. They are the:
  • Anvil Carrack
  • Anvil Valkyrie
  • Aegis Eclipse
  • Drake Cutlass Black

If you already own one of these ships, you'll receive the IAE-exclusive paint on the 10th day of the Expo at no cost. To be eligible to receive the paints, the ships need to be in your hangar - having them in your Buyback List won't be granting you the Best in Show Liveries. Everyone pledging for a Best in Show 2950 ship during the IAE will receive the paint, too.
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