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Consolidated Outland Nomad

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Store Page: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/nomad/CNOU-Nomad

@Weehamster Album: https://imgur.com/a/K8US8Jg

Much of the ship has been leaked, avoid the spoiler text if you don't want spoilers.

The IAE 2950 Free Fly Schedule

Nov 20-21 | Day 1/2 – Consolidated Outland, Argo, Greycat

Nomad: Consolidated Outland looks to shake things up with an all-new entrant for those looking for a premium starter ship. Stop by Day 1 of the expo for the official reveal!



Nomad Spotted on open PTU servers. https://clips.twitch.tv/WittySleepyTortoiseDatSheffy



Nomad is light freight with a tractor beam and bedroom.

With the versatility of a medium-sized multi-purpose freighter packed into a stylish, compact frame, the Consolidated Outland Nomad is the model of self-sufficiency, the spirit of the open sky, and the perfect solution for anyone yearning to start a brand-new adventure."

24 SCU


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The ship design itself reminds me of the Asp Explorer from Elite:Dangerous.

While the interior of the Nomad is nice (it even has a toilet!!) and the cargo capacity is massive I just can't understand the idea of hovers instead of landing gear. What if you turn the power off or the powerplant malfunctions (EMP anyone?). Feels more like a gimmick that will turn out to be a liability. 

Not going to get one myself. I'd rather spend a bit more and get a Cutlass for even more cargospace and firepower. Also, people who were datamining the ship noticed that while it had 3 small shield generators, the hull strength was apparently very low. Looks like this ship will actually have cardboard instead of armor. :P 

I'm just going to stick with my Titan and if I need a 1-man cargo transport I'll use my Hull-B. :)  

Still a decent LTI-token though for those that need one. ;)


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It is Asp, dunno why I said sidewinder.

Yeah, EMP is large flaw. The hull seriea also have this flaw as well. 

It is a step up from a starter ship. However it's designs are more origins(bling bling). The design for it for the external cargo it's just bad as the minor changes could literally turn the cargo to internal. It is more exotic ship rather than a budget niche ships.

It seems to be more ironic the number of ships that have the look from other games. 1-2 might be funny,  but 3+ is just plain lazy.

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Looks like the Nomad originally had conventional landing gear but CIG apparently decided on that wierd always-on hover mode at the last minute for some reason.


Trailer still shows conventional landing gear at 2m19s


I personally prefer to have had the conventional landing gear over that hover-mode.

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I took a stroll through the Expo this morning, it is a nice looking ship but once again CIG cannot get all their ducks in a row.  How do you have video with normal landing gear and then release a ship with hover tech?  One would think that before a finished product gets released to the public, CIG would make sure that all the marketing, the ship and maybe (OMFG!) the stat page might actually be proofed for errors.  It is the comedy of errors, again and again.  I think that the pile of money that CR sleeps on gets in the way of common sense.


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Now I've had a chance to check it out at the convention center and the freefly version I'm starting to reconsider. The wierd always-on hover mode is still strange and unlike any other CNOU ship but for some wierd reason it's starting to grow on me. The open-air cargo is also wierd but I guess you can still get those enclosed Stor-All cargo containers too. So having 4 6SCU Stor-All containers and fill those with cargo you could have a decently secure way to carry 24SCU worth of cargo in 4 big cargo containers. :)

I also noticed that for some reason you can select the Warbond version of the Nomad during checkout as a CCU option. So I picked up a CycloneTR-to-Nomad CCU but instead of paying $15 for the CCU I only had to pay $5 in new cash.  :D

You see, I still have an original Cyclone-TR with LTI in my BuyBack for $55 (but it has a CCU value of $65). So effectively I can now get me a Nomad LTI for only $60. That's not bad imo. And if I don't like the Nomad and want to upgrade it; it now has value of $80. So discounts upon discounts for only $5 new cash. :P

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