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What Fighter Ship to Buy?

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With the 2950 IAE coming up, I'm thinking of picking up a new single (or two) seater fighter ship.  I've had the Weekend Warrior package (Anvil Super Hornet) since CIG released it, and really like the ship, but am getting tired of it.  Additionally, I'm upgrading it to the Crusader Industries Mercury so I need a new fighter.  I also have an upgrade to the Anvil Carrack which I believe I'm going to melt and use to buy this new fighter (about $130 value, but may be willing to add if worth it).

I'm looking at what fighters are available (or possibly coming soon) that everyone is enjoying flying in the 'Verse today or looking forward to flying.  Which of those should I consider looking, testing, or even buying?  Or should I stick with the Super Hornet?

Thanks everyone!

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Did you see that Esperia Talon and Shrike variant? Those are Tevarin light fighters but for some reason they didn't slap an 'alien tax' on it. So it was relatively 'cheap' at $100. These should be available again during IAE and it was supposed to be flightready at the end of the year with patch 3.12



You may need to get an LTI token for it though if you want one with LTI as it has already seen its concept sale a little while back. Unless CIG will also sell a small ship that you can use as an LTI token. Last I heard was that something called the CNOU Nomad was going to be sold during IAE and rumor had it that it was only going to be $80 Credit ($70 Warbond). Not sure if this is true though but if it is that could make for a nice upgrade path as the Talon was $100. :)


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Thanks for the replies!  I do luckily have an "LTI Token" in my buy-back, an Anvil C8X Pisces with LTI which I'll use first and CCU up to my desired fighter.

Not a huge fan of the Talon or Shrike--both look ugly to me other than the cockpit area.  Never really been a fan of the "alien"-like designs CIG has put out, to be honest.  I originally pledged for the Vanguard Warden when it went on concept sale really hoping that would be the ship for me, but it's since been CCU'ed up to the Hercules C2.  That was before it was redesigned so it's possible it could be a better ship now, but it's also quite a bit more than the $130 I was looking to spend.  If I was going to spend that much I'd probably just look at getting the Ares.

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Long time ago I pledged for the Gladiator that was supposed to be a good bomber ... then I melted it as it was a shame

The Ares seems promising, but I feel like it will be a bomber aimed at punching heavily medium to capital ships. 

So if you want a fighter it might not be the best ship to hunt down pirates or vanduuls in light fighters :)


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Hello there !


I just got an Anvil Arrow for myself with a metallic grey paint, I was looking for something that would fit well as an escort in a decent-sized fleet. Since its most favorable aspect is agility, I think it's just perfect for that role because I want to be able to manoeuver in between ships of varying sizes and the shape gives me great vibes so I don't regret my purchase !


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On 11/22/2020 at 10:35 AM, Buckaroo said:

I like the look of the Sabre and Gladius and have been leaning towards one of them, but I'm not sure how those fly compared to the SuperHornet.

they fly a bit smoother but it's a personnel feel to them, so the Gladius feels the lightest and you'll feel it while flying then the saber is next followed by the SH so think speed boats but add weight as you switch between the three that's kinda the feeling you'll get if you get my comparison.


best thing to do is ether rent one in game or get someone that has it to load it up for your to take a spin in, 

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