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can only go to hangar and have no ship?

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    • By Tallenn
      Absolute newb, first day. I'm kind of stuck on a delivery mission. I've delivered 2 of the packages, but when I try to deliver the third (it says to Barton Flats Aid Shelter on Aberdeen), I start to get a warning that I'm trespassing as I get close. Earlier I tried landing where the mission tracker sent me, but I still couldn't deliver the package. Where it was telling me was just on some guy's bunk, and there was no package drop box in the building.
      Also, twice now, my ship has just blown up, seemingly out of the blue, but I'm not seeing any indication whatsoever as to the cause. Was I shot down? Did I hit something (I didn't see any collision alert)? Any ideas as to how it happened? I get that I will sometimes die, but it sure would be helpful knowing what caused it.
    • By rdav01
      I know how to go into the options select the X52 Pro profile I have even switched the Z and X axis but when I go to the pad to try and use my joystick nothing happens seems like it reverts back to keyboard/mouse some of the buttons work but nothing else please help what am I doing wrong?
    • By AntonyVW
      Hi folk. I bought the game some time ago but had problems with it at the time. I thought I would give it another go but Im more confused now than I was before. I expected to start in the starport in space but found myself in a city (Stanton). That was the first confusion. I eventually found the means to transport to get to the starport by wondering around aimlessly as I could find no sort of built in map to help beginners. When I got to the spaceport, I discovered I have 2 ships not the one I remember when I started. So I selected the one I know I own and entered the ship. After spending ages trying to figure out how to start the engines, I finally got to lift off the ground only to find myself trapped in the corner of the hanger with no means of moving any further either forward or backwards. Eventually my ship got impounded and I found myself back in an empty hanger. Can someone tell me why Im where I am instead of where I expected to be? And how do I get into space? Im confused, frustrated and not just a litlle thinking how on earth did I get where I am never mind problems with the controls.
    • By timonx
      Hi guys,
      I need and advice what to do in order to play the game.
      There are these two situations:
      1) the game crash when I am in the cave (without visiting space station) - on the next load I am back in the starting city and cannot retrieve my ship.
      2) the game crash when I am flying (without visiting space station) - the game does not load. It keeps getting me back in the main screen.
      The only "solution" I have for both situations is to reset the character. This make the game absolutely not playable.
      What could you suggest me to do in these situations?
    • By Pockets
      I have been looking at the various videos, adverts, the star citizen site ect and everything seems to say mmo player, but when I try to down load the game it says single player. I keep thinking I am going to be paying all this money for a game that isn't suited to my play. So i figured I'd just go for it and ask people that know. Is this game a multi player game, like eve-online where you can be together it alliances and community and fly together and cooperate to develop or is this a single player game where you just play sims and shoot npc? Do you get to shoot other players and battle, and walk around with other players like in wow or is it purely single player like sims4 with spaceships so to speak?
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