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Amazon’s New Patent Is Looking To Pin Toxic Gamers Versus Toxic Gamers

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When they collected enough data to validate someone was cheating, they put them in a private server with other cheaters.  The downside is the videos of it made the game look bad so they got away from it.



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    • By Gremlich
      and some highlights:
      Refutation of CryTek's Claims
      Claim: CIG was only given permission to make "the game" with CryEngine, selling SQ42 standalone is in violation of this.
      Defense: The GLA defines "the game" as both "'Space Citizen' and its related space fighter game 'Squadron 42'", with a passage allowing for name changes (Space Citizen > Star Citizen).
      Additionally, this term does not apply to any games made without CryEngine, and CryEngine is no longer used.
      Claim: CIG violated the GLA by switching from CryEngine to Lumberyard, they are only allowed to "exclusively" use CryEngine.
      Defense: The GLA says they are given "exclusive rights to use CryEngine" and the right "to exclusively embed CryEngine in the game". The well-established meaning of this wording is that the right is given only to them (and those subcontracted within the terms), not that they are only allowed to use CryEngine.
      Claim: CIG is no longer displaying CryTek copyright notices in game, in violation of the GLA.
      Defense: This obligation only applies if CIG is using CryEngine, which they are not.
      Claim: Ortwin was employed by CryTek prior to becoming CIG's attorney and co-founder so he had a conflict of interest when negotiating the contract.
      Defense: Ortwin received a signed waiver from CryTek dismissing any conflict of interest.
      Claim: Confidential source code was shown on Bugsmashers and disclosed to FaceWare in violation of the GLA.
      Defense: No defense provided, though FaceWare was after the switch to Lumberyard.
      Claim: CIG was required to provide any bugfixes they developed for CryEngine up until launch.
      Defense: No defense provided.
      Additional Statements
      The GLA prohibits either party from seeking any damages from one another "except for intentional acts or omissions or gross negligent acts".
      CIG, not RSI, is the signatory of the GLA, so CryTek committed a legal blunder by pursuing RSI rather than CIG in a number of claims.
      CIG seeks to have the entire complaint dismissed with prejudice (barring any further related action) on the grounds that none of the complaints are sufficient.
    • By Danakar Endeel
      Original email from Chris Roberts regarding Lumberyard on the 24th:
      Follow-up post regarding Lumberyard on the RSI forums on the 25th

    • By Ettrick
      Amazon has enabled "Twitch Prime".
      You get 1 Free Twitch subscription every 30days if you link your Twitch and Amazon Prime accounts:

      "Ad-free viewing plus a free channel subscription every 30 days"
      "Twitch Prime appears to be enabled for Prime subscribers in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Canada, and Italy. "
      There's others benefits too like rotating DLC for other games.
    • By Gathering-Tempest
      Just a friendly FYI: Amazon is now offering its Prime members 20% off all physical game preorders in addition to the usual free release day delivery. This offer extends up until two weeks after release and is only for physical copies of games. Again, this is only for physical copies of any and all games.
      P.S. This is obviously geared more towards console gamers and frankly, I cannot remember the last game I installed via disc! (Probably Mass Effect 2 circa 2010)
    • By Donut
      So, I have $50 in my amazon account and I don't know what to get with that during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals on Amazon. Preferably SC/videogame related That would be at or below $50. Suggestions?
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