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Attention Citizens, the Empire needs you!

The Imperator is the leader of the United Empire of Earth; questions of security, economic development, military spending, alien affairs, ethics, and morality are heavily influenced by them and their plans for Humanity. Thus, whoever is elected Imperator influences how our developers shape the Empire and how you, as players, experience it.
Do xeno-relations improve or worsen? Will the economy grow, or are there trouble times ahead?

As a community-driven project, we want to give you the chance to participate in shaping the 'verse and elect the next Imperator.

So, we're giving you all a vote and the final say on who leads Humanity for the next decade.

Check out the 
'2950 Imperator Election' comm-link for details about the election and each of the five candidates. Voting also gives you a special Spectrum badge to show support for your chosen candidate.

The election itself will run from October 10 to October 24, and we will announce the result and unveil the new Imperator of the United Empire of Earth on November 1.

In this thread, we cordially invite you to discuss the election, speculate about its possible consequences, and of course, promote your favorite candidate. Stir the drums, spread the word, and help your candidate to win!


>> 2950 Imperator Election Ballot <<




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I voted for Costigan.  He seemed more like someone for libertarian values (specifically staying out of everyone else's business and allowing trade/commerce) while still protecting UEE's citizens with additional military.  

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44 minutes ago, Buckaroo said:

I voted for Costigan.  He seemed more like someone for libertarian values (specifically staying out of everyone else's business and allowing trade/commerce) while still protecting UEE's citizens with additional military.  

Same here. I also voted for Costigan as to me he's the only candidate who apparently realizes we're actually at war with the Vanduul. All the other candidates seemed oblivious to it and either have no plan for the present or just want to create more problems for the future. His recommendations from merchant guilds and the like also sound like good opportunities for those of us with large cargoships.

We need a leader in the here and now; and right now the most important issue is the war against the Vanduul and logistics. So Costigan has my vote as I want safety and security.  :)

I want the UEE to have a strong military to keep its citizens safe. LeSalle looked like a decent candidate at first but it seems he will just let criminals off easy while looking the other way (or getting paid off to look the other way). 

The other candidates don't resonate with me at all and feel like they are clearly not capable enough for such a position. Addison seems to be CIG's favorite but her background as a scientist and wanting to mess around with AI again sounds like a recipe for disaster. From an ingame story perspective I can see the appeal for why CIG would want her though. Sharrad on the other hand is someone who could just continue work in her current role with Costigan as Imperator. Lastly Ngo feels more like a joke character with no plans except banning terraforming for no reason and moving the capital from Earth to Terra for no reason. Kinda the rebel without a clue person. :P 

But that's just me. I'm more of a "here and now" person and currently the biggest issue is the Vanduul threat and a UEE Navy with outdated equipment. Costigan strikes me as the kind of person who would not mind deputizing militias and offering cargo/logistics missions in order to bolster the UEE Navy so he can work on strenghtening their defenses.

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Voted for Laylani Addison : the only one who propose to add value by innovation : all the other candidates only want to manage the existing assets. 
The promise to open AI research is also full of opportunities (and threats).  

The Vanduul threat is real, but do you really want to face ennemy flag ships with fighters's design dating from 100 years ago ?

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It's kinda obvious who will be the most popular - a certain candidate who's main goal is to complete an ambitious project ensuring many technological advances along the way... can't think why that would appeal to most SC backers(!) Anyways, I think what's more interesting is who comes second overall as they will be the main opposition to the elected government and may form the basis for a growing movement for change, influencing the majority of non govt sanctioned missions over the next ten years.

As for me, I always like to play devil's advocate and sometimes go against popular opinion, so I'm going for Ngo, partly because an immediate Terra-centric UEE will suit my future needs perfectly, and mainly because I just don't trust the others!

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