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Ongoing Discussion AMD 5000 series / Zen 3 Details

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This is when I finally switch teams to AMD for the CPU (lol I don't think AMD's GPU will be any good though).

Amazed that the clock speed keeps going up at 16 cores over 12 cores.  Need to look at it closer to see if there's any gotchas.  Will be waiting for reviews before buying as always.  But AMD is about to wipe Intel's last advantage away.  I'm still on my i7-4770K, so this will be a huge upgrade.

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    • By Gallitin
      Anyone else read about this?  Looks like a nice upgrade at a quarter of the cost if it's really true, but sounds like it.
      The only piece I don't really understand is how is why the 2080TI's are not falling some in price, maybe they will when the 3070 is released?
    • By Occhi
      This package includes a rare AMD Mustang Omega, Self-Land Hangar and SC+SQ42 access.
      Have this for the longest of time but I never play the game nor have plans to do so.
      Price: 110 USD
      Paypal only

    • By Boildown

      In the RTX 20 series, the 2080 Ti was way ahead of the rest of the pack, even one step down, the RTX 2080 (Super or not) didn't come close.  But in the 30 series, even the RTX 3070 looks like it might have better performance than the 2080 Ti.  If true, this will be a revolutionary GPU.  I plan to buy at around the same time or maybe slightly before the next Ryzen CPUs come out end of year. 
      I think the best plan will be to order when the Ryzen release date is announced.  (On a related note, I definitely think this next release is the moment when AMD unambiguously takes the CPU crown from Intel at the high end, even for gaming.)  By later this year all the other manufacturers will have their best offerings in stock at normal prices, so I'll be able to get my usual triple fan version.  Not sure yet if I'll get 3070, 3080, or 3090, will try to get best price performance and only go 3090 if its head and shoulders above the 3080 like the 2080 Ti was above the 2080.
    • By Gifgat
      Haven't done this before so some guidance would be appreciated.
      $130 paypal and ill send it to the email that payed 

    • By ixerer
      Hello, I lost my job so it seems I need to get rid of most of the ships I was collecting for years  And it is just the beginning...

      I have 10 AMD Never settle mustangs which are.. in fact.. pretty rare

      I do accept USD with PayPal, and also any cryptocurrency if you would like to pay that way.

      I will be more than happy to go first with reputable members since I have 0 reputation
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