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  • Similar Content

    • By KillerAtWork
      Looking to buy the Anvil Arrow LTI Game Package if anyone is sitting on it, PM me your fair price.
    • By Blindguy
      Hey im looking for a cheap ROC lti
    • By KaIeu
      Hey Citizen,
      iam looking for the following Items with a reasonable price:
      - F7A Military Upgrade
      - Hartwell Music Sentinel 88G
      I don’t want to start the lowball discussion but it should be a reasonable price. 1000% income is not reasonable for me.
      So if someone have a good heart and wants to support a small citizen I would appreciate it.
      thank you so much for your offers!
      best regards,
      p.s: paypal is verified 
    • By Ecto
      I want to buy a code.
      I will pay up to $75 or trade with a gtx 970
      Reputable & Trusted seller required
    • By MasterBaiter
      I'm probably just better off waiting for one in game to buy or waiting for the Origin version rather than RSI but if anyone has one for a reasonable price and before anyone starts about the reasonable price debate please don't... It's an item that costs $15 made for a ship that has a crew quarters bathroom for the VIP client to use lol. 
      If anyone feels like they're done with their phoenix /pledge and would want to get their money back or let theirs go for like around $50 PM me. It's okay it this takes months, the game's nowhere close to being done and I'll probably buy it in game way before I buy it on here.

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