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Esperia Talon


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I never know how soon is too soon to make thease posts, but thats fine, I'll update the first post with the official announcement page when it goes live, and remove the below content that was a false lead.

2019/11/23 - CitizenCon 2949 - A Tevarin Light Fighter concept  is briefly discussed. 


2020/01/28 - A short story about a Tevarin scout ship referred to as the "Jackal" is mentioned in SC lore. (Thanks @Weehamster)

  1. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/serialized-fiction/17440-Instrument-Of-Surrender-Part-One
  2. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/serialized-fiction/17493-Instrument-Of-Surrender-Part-Two
  3. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/serialized-fiction/17531-Instrument-Of-Surrender-Part-Three
  4. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/serialized-fiction/17577-Instrument-Of-Surrender-Part-Four

2020/07/17 - Charimans Club Newsletter teases a skin that is unlike anything we are used to.  "The Chairman's Club is teaming with Esperia to bring you exciting surprises. Our sources say a momentous happening may be on the horizon."


2020/07/27 - RSI Website accidentally updates a page titled "Esperia Talon - Strike Hard & Fade Away" The page is inaccessible and the link is pulled quickly.  https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/17565-Esperia-Talon



Link to @Weehamster album for this ship: https://imgur.com/a/n1MnG5g

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It is Concierge access at the moment.  $90 Warbond for the Esperia Talon or the Esperia Talon Shrike with LTI and Tevarian Aves armor and helmet.  $100 for the Talon or Shrike with 6mo. insurance, no armor or helmet.

The Esperia Talon comes with 2x S3 weapons (gimbal) and 2x S3 missiles (total of 4), the Talon Shrike comes with 2x S1 weapons (gimbal) and 2x internal racks (12 x S3 missiles per rack = 24).





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Here is the text from the concierge newsletter.



August 12th, 2020

Esteemed Chairman's Club Member, 

Recently, Esperia has been wowing aerospace enthusiasts with stunning recreations of historic alien spacecraft. Thanks to meticulous research and unprecedented access to original materials, Esperia's latest line is resurrecting classic Tevarin warships to the delight of collectors and alien tech enthusiasts across the galaxy. The latest model is the Talon light fighter, a hit-and-run craft that became infamous during the Tevarin Wars. With bespoke Tevarin-inspired weapons, a unique cockpit, and stealth capabilities, the Talon is deadly accurate, both in its readiness for battle and attention to detail. As a member of the Chairman's Club, you'll enjoy 24-hour advance access to Esperia's presale.

Every trip feels like an adventure with a little inspirational music to accompany it. So, we're offering you a complimentary download of several epic soundscapes - perfect to play in your helmet as you venture forth into the great unknown. What's more, our exclusive merchandise store just premiered several all-new, officially licensed items, allowing you to look the part and document your exploits in true Chairman's Club fashion.

On Behalf of the Board of Trustees,
Information Director
Chairman's Club Headquarters
Central Core Bank
Earth, Sol Sytem


The music they refer to links to a .zip file with two Comacho soundtracks.  "Arena Commander.wav" and "Battle Of Centauri.wav" 

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Love the ship but hate the colors.

Would have preferred a black skin similar to the Prowler instead of it looking like a rainbow parrot. Here's hoping CIG either offers skins for it at some point or allows us to paint it ourselves someday. :)

Here's a fan-made image (credits: Captain-Fao) from the Concierge forums showing how it could have looked in all-black with red accents. 😍



Now the main question. Do I choose the base Talon with 2xS3 gimbals and 4 S2 missiles or do I choose the Shrike variant with 2xS1 gimbals with 24 S3 missiles. I like missiles but I don't like peashooters... Decisions decisions...

Ofcourse we have to take any numbers CIG is giving us with a grain of salt and the brochure may show us faulty information (as usual) because I can't see how they can even fit 2x12 S3 missiles internally; especially because the ship is the size of a light fighter.

Ah well, I guess I can just buy a $10 Gladius-to-Talon CCU and a $10 Gladius-to-Shrike CCU. That way I have options as I still have an original $80 Gladius LTI in my BuyBack and almost have my free Gladius LTI from the referral system (I'm at 9/10 referrals right now). :P 


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On 8/12/2020 at 3:23 PM, Morgen Black said:

The Esperia Talon comes with 2x S3 weapons (gimbal) and 2x S3 missiles (total of 4), the Talon Shrike comes with 2x S1 weapons (gimbal) and 2x internal racks (12 x S3 missiles per rack = 24).

Thank you for this.



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Still happy with my $10 Gladius-to-Talon CCU and my $10 Gladius-to-Shrike CCU. Can't wait to see the Talon and Shrike ingame so I can then decide if I want one or not.  :)
Sucks that my question didn't make the Q&A but here's hoping I will still be able to get a nice stealthy black skin similar to the Prowler someday. :P

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What I found slightly odd was something I saw during the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo. We were told that the Talon has 2xS4 weapon hardpoints and then 2xS3 regular missile hardpoints; each equipped with 2 S2 missiles (total 4 S2 missiles). Then the Shrike has 2xS2 weapon hardpoints and then those internal missile launchers; each equipped with 12 S3 missiles (total 24 S3 missiles).

Yet for some reason the Shrike does not get those regular missile hardpoints even though during the IAE event the screen at the holomodel said that the Shrike was "armed with additional internal missile racks"; implying that it had these in addition to something.


Really odd why it apparently doesn't have anything "additional" as it only appears to have the internal racks. Ah well, guess we probably won't really miss those extra 4 S2 missiles that the holomodel implied we'd get in addition to the internal 24 S3 missiles. At least I hope those internal missiles haven't all been nerfed to S2 now or something... :P


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After watching some Youtube videos about the Talon I must say I'm impressed. All the compartments that house the components can be accessed by interacting with the panels around the ship. There's even a small storage area for your rifle on the side of the ship. :D

While the vehicle loadout had a wierd entry where the missile racks on the Shrike are listed as MSD-683 (which would indicate 8 S3 missiles per rack) the Shrike does come with the listed 24 S3 missiles. :) 

So the choice is pretty much between the Talon with 2xS4 weapon hardpoints and 2xS3 missile hardpoints versus the Shrike with 2xS2 weapon hardpoints and 28xS3 missiles.

I personally went with the Shrike as I already have two light fighters that focus on guns (Gladius and Arrow) so I think it would be cool to have a small missile boat.


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